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The Lake District, the U.K. for romantic couples


Every person likes to visit romantic places, wherever he lives or travels. If you live in the UK or you make a long visit on the island, The Lake District will be a destination that offers breathtaking, beautiful landscapes.

We appreciate the pleasure of living amidst the mountains and rocks, among the lakes, whose smooth surface does not defile anyone's breath... William Wordsworth repeatedly praised the purity of the beautiful lakes, the wilderness of the hills and forests, rough and untouched by humans’ hand in his works. He lived in such places - the Lake District in the north-west of England.




The Lake District is a vast and an amazing beautiful area in the north of England. Many people, especially romantic couples come here in summer and on weekends. This region possesses the largest national park of Great Britain. Its area is of 2279 km ². It owes its name for the 16 big lakes. The views of the mountains fill the travellers' eyes from the top with fabulous sights of blue lakes and rugged hills, waterfalls, foam and tiny villages with typical houses of gray stone.

The Lake District from England represents an unusual diversity of landscapes. This place borders with Scotland and till now retains its luster and it deserves to be considered a natural wonder of the UK. The Lake District is a National Park situated in Cumbria in the northwest part of England, near the Scotland frontier. This area was declared a nature reservation in 1951 to preserve the beauty of the nature for the future generations. The whole park is entirely located in the mountainous region of Cumbria, at an altitude of 3,000 feet (~ 900 meters) above the sea level.

The Lake has 16 major lakes and many small ones. There are also streams, brooks, ponds and waterfalls. All of them are hiding among the hills, which the English themselves proudly call off. The highest "mountain" of the province (and across the UK) is the Skofel Pike. The Skofel Pike lifts its top at 970 meters high. You can find at least 25 hills in this place, the height of each exceeds 800 meters. The Skofel Pike in this district is the highest point in England.

The Great Lakes reflect the highest mountain peaks in England - The Cumbrian Mountains. Waterfalls are on their slopes, the picturesque towns are located in the valleys. You can also meet some of the ancient settlements in this region.

A popular holiday destination, the Lakeland, as it is called, is located in the northwestern of England. They say that spring months are those which give the eye an unforgettable picture: majestic mountains of Cumbria, lakes and meadows bright 'wallpaper' with famous yellow daffodils. In ancient times (before the XV century), the inhabitants of these places sold fleece and skins, and later (from the XVI to XIX century)they extracted graphite.


The Cumberland Pencil Museum proofs the history of this region. Nowadays the whole territory of the Lake District is a national park, its area is of 2292 km2. The first and the foremost environmentalists care about the preservation of its rare species of freshwater fish that are found in many reservoirs. In the 14 lakes region fishing is prohibited. Although the species diversity of the scaly inhabitants is not very large, the experts have been slow to start to import fish in the large lakes . This may affect the unique ecosystem and lead to competition and the disappearance of "native" breeds.

The large settlements Kesuik, Windermere and Bowness-on-Windermere, Ambleside village are attracting many travellers. There is always a good mug of ale, a comfortable room at a hotel or tour guides, which walks you through the most beautiful places so as not to disrupt the ecology of the park and not to disturb the inhabitants.

If you're a lover of literature, then visit the Raydl Mount village, where the most famous person of this land lived, the founder of the "Lake School" and the father of the English Romanticism, William Wordsworth. History In ancient times, the Lakes, as well as the British Island, was inhabited by tribes. They built different buildings of stone blocks, using various methods known by them, whose function remained an enigma.

You can find over 900 stone circles in this region. The most famous circle is the Castlerigg Stone Circle, placed thousands of years ago in a meadow surrounded by mountains, near Keswick town. The Castlerigg Stone Circle cannot be compared in size with the famous Stonehenge, but the views of some rocks of different sizes, arranged in a circle almost perfect against a picturesque landscape of the Cumbrian mountains leave an unforgettable memory.

The Roman Empire left its mark on the Lake District. The ruins of forts and military vestiges of the old Roman road are placed here. Lakeland Lakeland, famous for its charming landscapes inspired creators of literature. If you have done some English literature at school, you will associate The Lakes Land with the great Romantic English poets: Keats, Byron, Shelley and Wordsworth in particular, which has been called the father of 'lake poets', which was born at Cockermouth, in the Western Lake District.

Another literary figure linked to Lake District was Beatrix Potter, a British writer and illustrator known for her stories for children. She first came to the Lake District in 1882 at the age of sixteen.



The gates of the Lake District are situated near two small villages :Windermere and Bowness-on-Windermere on Lake Windermere. This is the largest (length 17 km) lake in England.Ferries depart from here in Sawrey and Ambleside.This is the perfect place to start a hiking trip. The pleasant steamer invites guests to cruise the islands. Many visitors remark this wonderful land when they reach the top of the hill, leading the way coming from Kendal. The first is Lake Windermere that you can see even for a few minutes.

Lake Windermere, situated in The Lake District, is the largest lake in England. It has a length of 17 km and a width of over 1.5 km. Its beauty can be admired from the deck of steamboats, sailing regularly between the towns of Lakeside, Ambleside, Bowness and Windermere, located on the banks of the lake.

The Steamboats Museum is in the town of Windermere, where the best mechanically operated boat is located.The boat was built in 1850. The second largest lake in the region is Ullswater, located in the north part of Windermere.



At the end of XVIII century the territory of Lake District was popular with tourists. This is partly the result of the wars in Europe. In 1778 Father Thomas West publishes a guide on the lakes, that is the beginning of the modern era of tourism for the area. The western part of Lake District has many sceneries. Buildings were constructed in several places , which came to encourage tourists at that time. A part of the station, Kleyv constructed here can be seen nowadays. The English writer William Wordsworth published his Guide about The lakes producing 5 editions of this book in 1810-1835. Today it is called The Guide to District Lake in the northern England. This guide has been particularly important for the process of promoting the region.

Tourism growth continues with the advent of automobiles. The main highway leading here is the M6, which is located in the eastern part of the park. A big problem are the narrow roads, since the 1960s, central sections are loaded. At the time, as roads and railways provide easier access to the park. There is alsoan illustrated guide to the hilly land of lakes. The first edition appeared in 1950 and describes the 214 peaks of the park, with a very well illustrated panoramas and maps of routes, as well as stories and digressions from the topic. The guide is widely used by tourists. Later, Chris Dzhesti edited the guide taking into account all the changes which tourist destinations have occurred recently.


Ambleside Isora

The town of Ambleside Isora is at the north end of the Lakes. Every tourist finds dozens of pubs, restaurants and hotels here and this will be one of the ideal places where you can begin to explore the land. Few miles in the north is Rydal and Grasmere, where William Wordsworth lived with his family. 'Bowness' is the only ferry that operates year round and you can climb your car on it. But you can take a walk on the lake with one of the many wooden boats, even the famous Osprey, built in 1902, and you can admire more Steamboat Museum in Windermere.

Last but not least, you can visit The Langdales, two valleys dominated by peaks Pike O 'Stick and Stick Harrison. You can make a test on one of the steepest roads in England by your car, which run along a former Roman fort (Fort Hardknott) and reach Eskdale (west Cumbria).


The Brockhole park

On the way from Windermere to Ambleside you can visit the tour center of the national park Brockhole, where you can learn about the flora and fauna of the region and obtain any information. Ambleside is located in the heart of the Southern Lake District and it is a cozy place with many B & B boarding houses, pubs and excellent inexpensive restaurants.


The Rydal Mountain

Moving further to the north in the direction of Kesuika, you'll soon find yourself in Rydal Mount, where the romantic poet William Wordsworth lived from 1813 until his death in 1850.The poet glorified the beauty of the Lake District. Grasmere W. Wordsworth’s house, Dove Cottage is situated in Grasmere. He lived here from the 1799 to 1807 .Thomas de Quincey, the author of Confessions and an opium smoker often came to him. After the departure of Wordsworth, he settled in this house, where he lived for 21 years.

The North West of England is a region full of life, beauty, fascinating landscapes of the region being in contrast with its large modern cities. This part of England – Lake District, includes fascinating splendor, historic cities of Chester and Lancaster, industrial heritage of the city and Merseyside Manchester and the most popular seaside resort in England–Blackpool. The region boasts with an extraordinary architectural and cultural heritage, and Chester city, surrounded by walls with medieval architecture, the city of Lancaster and the Lancaster Castle, many streets and historic buildings.

Lake District, located in Cumbria offers stunning views of mountains reflected in calm waters of lakes and represents, the best opportunity to practice cycling and walking on foot along a set of paths and ways to discover the fascinating landscapes and life in wild villages untouched by civilization. Walk even for a weekend, you will not regret your choice!

"Lake District" is an oasis of relaxation, where you will find peace for your soul, comfort and pleasure for your body, and you can find the way to harmony with the world! In the summer you may rest on the sandy beach, at a summer cafe, you may improve the health of the playground and entertain your children on the playground or rides.

There are hotels, hotel guest rooms and additional services, a restaurant with a varied menu and conference service, deep-sea fishing, wood-fired sauna, which is located on a lake, pools, tennis tables and quads. All sorts of events and activities, with a constant frequency that holds the places, that will diversify your stay and leave only good impressions on you. In any season, "Lake District" will become a paradise for you!

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The Lake District, the U.K. for romantic couples - Amazing beautiful area
The Lake District, the U.K. for romantic couples - Amazing beautiful area

The Lake District, the U.K. for romantic couples - Village in the North of England
The Lake District, the U.K. for romantic couples - Village in the North of England

The Lake District, the U.K. for romantic couples - Fabulous sight of blue lakes and rugged hlls
The Lake District, the U.K. for romantic couples - Fabulous sight of blue lakes and rugged hlls

The Lake District, the U.K. for romantic couples - Amidst the mountains
The Lake District, the U.K. for romantic couples - Amidst the mountains

The Lake District, the U.K. for romantic couples - Beautiful bridge
The Lake District, the U.K. for romantic couples - Beautiful bridge

The Lake District, the U.K. for romantic couples - Breathtaking beautiful landscape
The Lake District, the U.K. for romantic couples - Breathtaking beautiful landscape