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Taos, New Mexico-the Land of Enchantment


What makes a place beautiful ? Its architecture? Its history? Its people? Where is that hidden deep within a sketch that turns into a reality, shows a rock, a person or a scene?

Taos is a city in the northern New Mexico situated at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. But Taos Pueblo is the historic village, the pueblo heritage of UNESCO, (among other things because of its “ pueblo” adobe architecture typical of the late thirteenth century, which switches you into the age of the prehispanic Americas). It is one of the most romantic places on the Earth as you can win freedom and silence . Although small in size and population, it offers a great cultural diversity, because it is at the crossroads of three cultures - Indian, Mexican and Anglo-Saxon. These cultures coexist for almost a few centuries.


Taos Pueblo or Pueblo de Taos is located at 1.6 km north of the modern city of Taos in the U.S. state of New Mexico . The settlement is situated near a small stream, the Red Willow Creek. Pueblo is a member of an Indian reservation area of 384 km ², where about 1900 people live. The Indian reservation includes eight northern pueblos. The community of Taos is known for its secrecy and conservatism. You may stay at a ski hotel in the summer because there is always a significant discount, and wander in Taos from morning to night, because there is always something to see.

The city has many museums. The museums are small but very original. The local nature is very similar to Kazakhstan, and the adobe houses, with their rounded corners and reddish shades. Almost everything was done from clay, from churches to museums to Indian settlements. The clay houses can seem monotonous, but as the doors and windows are painted in the brightest colors, and at times even wild colors, the town looks like a palette. Another interesting feature of these houses ,mostly ancient is their low doors. It seems that they are designed for hobbits.



The most remarkable feature of the Taos Pueblo is a brownish-red adobe multistory apartment complex which is divided into two parts near the river the Rio Pueblo. According to the site of Taos Pueblo, the complex was built between 1000 and 1450's. In 1992 the complex was taken under the protection of the UNESCO World Heritage. In 2006, about 150 people live in the adobe complex constant. In the opinion of most of the archaeologists, the Taos nation, and a number of other people living along the Grande Rio, migrated to the area from the four corners - a historical region in the southern U.S., where were up to the XV century culture Mogollón , Patayyan , Hohokam ,Anasazii , and another number less significant. The dwellings were allegedly built by representatives of culture the Anasazi , who later migrated to the affluent area of the Rio Grande because of the prolonged droughts.

Pueblo on the north bank of the river is considered one of the most remarkable and most photographed in the Western Hemisphere .It is the largest of the so far used by the ancient pueblo structures (known as a major, but neglected "palaces" in the Mesa Verde , etc.). The walls are made of mud brick elements and the thickness may reach a meter or more. Originally the house served as fortifications. Until the beginning of the XX century the upper floors were raised with the help of ladders, the inner room was often accessible only through the roof using a ladder.

During of an outside attack, the stairs were drawn inside into the building. The houses generally consist of two rooms, one of which is strictly residential, and the second was a kitchen-dining-warehouse. Each house is closed, paths or ways from house to house were not included. Earlier Taos Indians rarely used furniture, but now they are using tables, chairs and beds. To use electricity , running water, laying pipelines in homes is prohibited at Taos Pueblo.

Pueblo is fenced with a solid wall, which symbolizes sovereignty. Previously, the wall was considerably longer and protected the village from raids by neighboring tribes. The river, which flows through the village is the main source of water for drinking and cooking. In winter, the river never freezes completely , but it forms a thick layer of ice, which is accounted for breaches, to get water. Taos tribe is a closely knit community where each member of the tribe expected to meet the "public duty" and the abandonment of prejudice to the interests of the community. As for the family, the tribe recognizes the origin of Taos as paternal and maternal line. Each family lives in a house, so after getting married couples move into a separate dwelling. As relatives live nearby, they usually always have someone to look after the children while the older generation transmits the local traditions to the younger generations.



Taos was founded in 1615. It was called Fernandez de Taos, after the Spanish conquest of the Indian villages of the Pueblo. Initially, the spanish settlers were in friendly relations with the Indians, but because of the dissatisfaction with the activities of missionaries and enkomenderos, the local colonial authorities, the rowing extortions from the pueblo, has led to an uprising conflict in 1640. In the 1770 Taos repeatedly experienced Comanche raids, living on the plains, located in eastern Colorado.

The governor of the province of New Mexico, Juan Bautista de ansa initiated a successful punitive expedition in 1779 against the first Comanches. In 1847 the Hispanics and Indians staged an uprising in Taos, as a result of which the U.S. governor, Charles Bent was killed. In 1899 , artists who created the Taos Society of Artists began to appear in Taos. They did many pictures with stark scenes of a local Taos Pueblo. Among the most influential artists of Taos were Feshin Nicholas, R. C. Gorman, Agnes Martin and Bill Rein.


Tourist attractions


Taos tourist attractions are the houses of American colonists Kit Carson, Charles Bent, and the governor of a wealthy American patron Mabel Dodge Lugano. The DH Lawrence Ranch, home of the American writer who first bore the name of the Kiowa Ranch lies to the northwest and now it is owned by the University of New Mexico. Another well-known writer and novelist in Taos, Alexander Trochchi was a Scot.

Taos Plaza

 It is the place of the cluster of monuments and shops in Taos. It has a historical background and it is one of the few places where the American flag is waving in the wind day and night. This feature stems from the American Civil War, when the supporters of the confederacy in this area tried to remove the flag. Kit Carson was one of those, who, along with security guards prevented the commission of the act. Today, the town of Taos is one of the main tourist attractions in the south-west direction.

Thanks to its wonderful places, suitable for successful flourishing ski sports, its restaurants and the famous church of San Francisco de Asis, Taos became a desirable place to relax. More than this, the city has attracted the attention of Hollywood thanks to Julia Roberts, Velu Kilmer, Donald Rumsfeld and others.

The place has some kind of mystical sparkle. It is considered the official birthplace of the last mysteries of our time. The fact that some people hear low-frequency noises drifting away like distant idling diesel engine. This unclear phenomenon is called Taos Hum. According to the census in 2000 was, and is home to 4,700 of the total area of 14 square kilometers. Taos is headed by the mayor and a public authority as a board. The current mayor is Darren Cordova.

The first thing you notice when entering Taos Pueblo, the northernmost land of the 19 Pueblo Indians tribes of New Mexico, is silence. Taos is a very peaceful land and a land of enchantment. Sitting along a fertile strip of land at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, just north of the town, Taos, New Mexico,( pueblo-village in Spanish) is almost the same as it has always been: without running water or electricity. The residents (of which there are about 150 full-time workers) live in a labyrinth of interconnected buildings of adobe, in rooms with adjoining walls.

Approximately 1,900 other Taos Indians live elsewhere on the land surrounding the pueblo . It is likely built sometimes between 1000 and 1450 AD and it is considered one of the oldest inhabited buildings in the Western Hemisphere. The mountain rises in a beautiful ridge behind the village, and Taos Pueblo history indicates that this area is sacred to indigenous people who see themselves as coming from the beloved Blue Lake (a site that was taken by the U.S. government united in 1840 and transformed into National Forest).

In 1970, the Blue Lake was finally returned to Taos Pueblo, which was an event people consider most important in their history. It is the spirituality of Taos Pueblo that hangs over the air and envelopes you as soon as you walk on Pueblo land.


The church of San Geronimo

Inside the church in Taos Pueblo, a beautiful woman with a soft voice gives you the religious traditions of the people who are a mixture of Catholicism and Native American beliefs, many of which revolve around the natural world. After a brief introduction about the Taos Pueblo religion, a host speaks in Northern Tiwa (the native language of Taos Pueblo). You will see the ruins of the first site of the chapel of San Geronimo, first built in 1610, where it had served before.

It was destroyed by the U.S. Army during the Spanish rebellion of 1680 . Many women and children were also killed during the Pueblo Revolt. The Taos Pueblo history grew with difficulties, it was ignored and many atrocities had been committed against the peaceful people who love nature.

Taos is best known for its pottery. A visit to Taos can be a real cultural learning experience for everyone to develop a better understanding of the true American history. Taos Pueblo, New Mexico is beautiful most of the year. The mountain scenery and idyllic views are just as beautiful as a blanket of snow or a ray of summer sun. If you can, plan your visit around one of the days of the pueblo dance , when professional dancers gather for indigenous participation in the spiritual dance, drumming and music, and spiritual rituals.

There are many days of dancing throughout the year, but the most famous of these is the Taos Pueblo Pow Wow, that takes place every weekend in July. The National and the local tribes are invited to participate at the Taos Pueblo Pow Wow in dances and musical events and they select winners. Visitors are invited to dance, but the days are asked to be respectful to the traditions . During local and spiritual rites you can obtain a permit for photographs. Never take pictures of anyone outside the arena of competition without asking permission first.

Odds n 'Ends


Taos Pueblo hours are open between 8 am-04: 30 daily for visitors. Pueblo Government reserves the right to close certain days of dancing and other spiritual events. Admission fees are U.S. $ 10 per person, with discounts for students, children and groups. Taos Pueblo tours are available for free and start every half an hour or so of San Geronimo Chapel.

There are a few rules when visiting Taos Pueblo, which are designed to protect and preserve the sacred beliefs and sites there. All cameras (both still and video) should be reported, and there is a fee for each camera. Even if you do not pay to put a camera, photos should not be used for commercial purposes. If you want to shoot for commercial reasons, you should check at the entry and obtain a permit from the Government of Taos Pueblo. In addition, there is absolutely no photography inside the chapel of San Geronimo.

Culturally Taos Pueblo, is considered extremely rude to take pictures of people. Like many Native American cultures, they believe that taking a photo of a person captures their souls. Therefore, you should always politely ask if you want to take a picture of someone in the pueblo (and do not be offended if many refuse). There are several rooms inside the pueblo, which are still inhabited by regular residents , so the stores or theaters are clearly opened for business.

Many residents keep personal rooms in the back of their gift shops, and you should never enter the room, but remain in the areas of obvious commercial pueblo. Finally, it may seem tempting, but do not touch the water or the fish in the creek that runs through the pueblo grounds. It is the only source of drinking water for the pueblo, so they expect that all visitors show great respect to their sacred natural environment.

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Taos, New Mexico-the Land of Enchantment - The Ski Valley
Taos, New Mexico-the Land of Enchantment - The Ski Valley

Taos, New Mexico-the Land of Enchantment - The cemetery
Taos, New Mexico-the Land of Enchantment - The cemetery

Taos, New Mexico-the Land of Enchantment - Adobe multistory complex
Taos, New Mexico-the Land of Enchantment - Adobe multistory complex

Taos, New Mexico-the Land of Enchantment - Wonderful sight
Taos, New Mexico-the Land of Enchantment - Wonderful sight

Taos, New Mexico-the Land of Enchantment - Very romantic place
Taos, New Mexico-the Land of Enchantment - Very romantic place

Taos, New Mexico-the Land of Enchantment - Fantastic view
Taos, New Mexico-the Land of Enchantment - Fantastic view

Taos, New Mexico-the Land of Enchantment - Amazing Bridge
Taos, New Mexico-the Land of Enchantment - Amazing Bridge