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Cinque Terre


   If you want to spend real, unforgettable moments with your lover, then you have to choose a unique place full of romantism. There are plenty of such places on the Earth but just some of them will offer you what you expect: exciting memories, adventures, romantic dinners, tranquil parks and relaxing spaces, that will take you to the paradise. Archaic landscapes, old ladies who wear old clothes, friendly citizens, with a perfect sea view. Seeing all these you can feel a familiar smell, a parfum of the old times which remind you of a precedent life. Then you stop admiring because you realize that this fantastic atmosphere is real and you can enjoy any second delighting yourself with the best places. It is almost unbelievable that in the 21st century people live in a relaxed ambiance, far away from what we call civilization, from this agglomerated whirlwind.

   This is all about Cinque Terre which is a stunning land, full of miraculous landmarks. Cinque Terre is one of the Italy’s treasures, which lies along 18 km of serrated cliffs between Levanto and La Spezia. A vacation in Cinque Terre is a trip back in time. The territory is made of five higgledy villages: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. The villages are cut off by mountains, full of olive groves and dry-stone-walled vineyards, where the farmers have lived over the centuries. The Cinque Terre became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997, including a protected marine area, which became a National park in 1999. The National park status protected the area from an abundance of T-shirt shops, or souvenir shops, that saved it from the environmental destruction. The motorbikes and cars are not permitted in the villages, which are connected by train. Each village is a variation on the same theme: antique architecture, pastel facades, flowers, and the locals that are quiet waiting for something.

Major attractions in Cinque Terre

Vernanzza-the gallivant lady of the sea
  Each of those five villages of the region meets with stringency the rules of hospitality, but Vernanzza is the favorite destination for the tourirsts. When entering the village you can see a barrier, that is taken every Tuesday, to allow the acces of the distribution cars, for the businesses that are opened here. No cars get to the small city, which comprises over 600 people, and the barrier acts as a pier in front of the hurricanes, and saves the peaceful life from the invasion of modernity. Vernanzza is the happy owner of the only natural port in Cinque Terre, even if in this  region  were no beaches before. The water reached the edge of the buildings, where the boats were floating as in a real venetian decor. The locals dropped the cars with pleasure, using the boats, which are housed during the winter time, because of the powerful storms. Vernanzza does not have a proper beach, but this did not disappoint  anyone. On the  contrary, the tourists are fascinated by the local life, that goes on the small shred of the sand. Because  the village is located on the coast of the sea, the unfussy tourists find a perfect place between the stones just to enjoy a sunbath. During the summer time, the beach is transformed into a football field, an interesting adventure, an ideal place  for entertainment. Exactly like the symbol yin and yang, the city is represented by two opposite zones: one of  them is sunny bathed by the sun, named sciuiu, and the opposite one is named luvegu, and is darker. At a long distance you can see the ruins of a castle, serving as an observatory tower, in the period when the danger came from the sea. The church of the village located nearby the port, is realy special for a sacred place, thanks to its beautiful entrances. The interior walls are decorated with three crosses that were brought from Jerusalem. In front of the church is organized a small square decorated with mosaics, which soon became the favorite place for romantic meetings. It is not only for inloved couples, but also for old people who love to relax in the sunny time, admiring their nephews. Not only in the heart of the village you are risking to be stealing by majestic landscapes, but even if you move to its exits you can admire the magnificent vineyards organized in a terrace form, which beautifies the mountain. The main activities in the city are  the promenades, combined with walks and exciting activities.
  Located in the very heart of the marvelous Cinque Terre, the village of Corniglia is the only town that has no direct access to the water. Although it is far from the sea, we suggest you to visit this spot with spectacular landscapes and astonishing  views . Corniglia is known as the quiet town, particularly since it does not have the glamour of an accesible port. Located very high above the sea, this town is surrounded on three sides by picturesque vineyards and terraces, while the fourth side digs speeply down to the Ligurian waters. To get to Corniglia the visitors need to climb the Lardarina, a long flight of steps that are made of brick. The climb is not for the faint of heart and is composed of 33 flights of stairs, with more than 400 steps. The village of Corniglia is a treasured jewel decorated with small alleys and narrow streets cut into the rocks, featuring a  beautiful beach, called Spiaggione, which is comforted by clear sea waters. The tiny village comprises a population of about 240 locals. One of the most amazing street is its narrow main road, Via Fieschi, beautifully decorated with remarkable homes and shops. The charm of the town is due to the fact that it is not so visited by the tourists as the other fishing villages. It is characterized by its winding and narrow roads, and elegant crafted terraces. In front of the Corniglia’s square, at Largo Taragio, people  gather and relax at the Santa Caterina Oratory. Above the main part of the town there is the Parish Church of San Pietro, which features a mixture of Gothic and Baroque-Ligurian architecture styles that create a charming ambiance.
  Monterosso al Mare is the most western village of the Cinque Terre. The majestic village is protected by hills which are covered by vineyards and olive groves. It is the largest village and the only town in Cinque Terre which has a proper sandy beach, and also includes some of the most wonderful steep rugged cliffs and crystalline waters. On the hill of San Cristoforo is the Aurora tower, which divides the old medieval hamlet from the new part of the village, developed along the Fegina Beach. The old part of Monterosso is dominated by the ruins of the castle and is characterized by original tower-houses lined on the narrow medieval streets. The church of San Francesco conserves important works of art, such as Crucifixion, attributed to Van Duck. In the 16th century the Monterosso village was  defended by thirteen towers. Today only three towers of the castle still exist, and the medieval tower was transformed into the San Giovanni church. The veritable beach of Monterosso is the largest one in Cinque Terre, and due to this the town has a large vacation offer. Monterosso can be the busiest town in Cinque Terre comprising many hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes. The town remains little more than an oversized fishing villages, with all the necessary charms. Its narrow streets are clad in stone, and during the night the town becomes an overwhelming attraction, highlightened by the beauty of its landmarks.
  Manarola is the second small village of those five that form the Cinque Terre. The town is an easy vineyard walk. Added to the train station by a 200 yard tunnel, the town spills down a ravine to the wild and rugged coastline at the Ligurian sea. On the west end of the town the tourists can find a wild small harbour, while the east side includes a small church square were the men meet each other and relax enjoying different activities. The tiny and pretty harbour at Manarola includes a boat ramp, elegant buildings tripping down the ravine and the swimming hole of the town. In spite of this, it does not have any real beach here, but  it has some of the greatest deep-water swimming pools around. The Manarola square is known as Piazza Capellini and was founded in 2004 and offers a fantastic fun place for kids to hang out, and a tranquil and silent place for those who live close to the train station. It is finely decorated with mosaics of the local fish and it is a splendid place where to sit down and eat a snack or have a fresh lunch. If you want to venture up to the top of the town then make sure you visit the church that nowadays serves as a religious and a community meeting place.  During the ancient times the bell tower served as a post to watch for pirates raids. Its name comes from the Latin “Manium arula”, that means a small altar dedicated to the Mani, Roman gods of the house. Manarola is characterized by the tower  houses that defend the village, and is located on a sharp promontory of a dark rock and is constructed around the course, that is now covered, of the Groppo brook. Among the houses lies a white pyramid made of cement, a sign for the sailors. In this town you can enjoy the nature with relaxing walks, above the Via dell’Amore that leads to Riomaggiore.
  One of the five villages of Cinque Terre is Riomaggiore and it is located on the Ligurian coast of Italy. It is one of the most colorful and wonderful villages of Italy. Bright houses are lined on the side of a hill overlooking the blue green waters of the Gulf of Genova. Riomaggiore dates back to the 13th century which probably explains the gallery of alley ways and staircases. If you plan to stay in Riomaggiore you have to plan to walk up some steps. Riomaggiore also has an ancient stone castello, the first mentions about the castello appeared in a document from the mid-500s, which already described it as an ancient one. Its quadrangular walls with two circular towers were erected to save the citizens in case of an attack from the sea. In 800 the castello was transformed into a cemetery, and some of its parts were destroyed to adapt it to its new function. Nowadays the castello is one of the monuments of the Parco Nationale delle Cinque Terre. Most of the action in Riomaggiore is concentrated on the main street, Via Colombo, where you can find an assortment of cafes, bars and restaurants. There are places in the town to stock up for the hikes into the hills, and different exciting activities. Small stores, pizzerias, and restaurants are located on the main tourist street of the town. The ferry that takes the tourists between the villages stops near the village boat ramp. The ferry runs on the schedule known only to the captain and you will have time to sit and relax, and watch the locals how enjoy the time.

Unique moments in Cinque Terre

  Cinque Terre is a gorgeous touristic destination that charms the tourists for its rugged hills and terraced hillsides towering above. It is a fantastic territory spread with majestic landmarks that are truly fascinating. Cinque Terre has the charm that overwhelms the tourists, keeping a timelessness spirit, clear visible through its unique architectural styles, with discolored facades of the building that create an old ambiance. The incredible region reserves  exciting moments and unique experiences, full of romantism and artistism for you, surrounded by picturesque landscapes and stunning panoramas. If you plan to visit this place, I assure you will have  the best experience than you have ever had.  Make time to visit all its villages and admire all their attractions, because they are really unique and unforgettable sites that are worth to be visited.

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Cinque Terre - Great destination
Cinque Terre - Great destination

Cinque Terre - Beautiful panorama
Cinque Terre - Beautiful panorama

Cinque Terre - Beautiful panorama
Cinque Terre - Beautiful panorama

Cinque Terre - Beach View
Cinque Terre - Beach View

Cinque Terre - Vernanzza
Cinque Terre - Vernanzza

Cinque Terre - Majestic view
Cinque Terre - Majestic view