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Ia-a real dream


What is a romantic getaway? Many people believe that any trip for two, until you have got children, can be assumed as the most romantic or a romantic journey, if it is confined to a landmark date for the people, a meeting, a wedding, a birthday or a Valentine's Day. And if you have already a family and children, and all these symbolic dates or have been far ahead, and you want to shatter or plunge into the unknown to a country where you have always wanted to go and forget about everyday problems and everyday bustle, Ia, Santorini is the ideal place. Take your loved one by hand or just embrace by the shoulders, and together you will find the dawn or the sunset on the Lovers’ Island. After wandering along the mountain paths, he will present a bouquet of flowers or thwarted exceptionally beautiful shells from the sea and will give to you. Your life will be based only on love and understanding. Here your dreams come true! A trip to Ia, Santorini with your beloved family can turn life into a unique and unforgettable holiday and it can give a lot of impressions and memories.


Greece, including Crete is a fantastic world with special nature: high mountains and gentle hills, cool, deep gorges , harsh caves, fertile, dry land in the mountains , often gentle and calm, and sometimes menacing sea, broken cliffs or sandy beaches framed by a shoreline, a lot of magical islands, scattered across the waters of the Mediterranean, and with the mildest climate in Europe. And what a rich history of this country! It is so closely interwoven with myths and legends of ancient Greece, including the romantic, that it is difficult to separate what is true and which is fiction. And it seems that you have visited several eras. A travel to Greece is truly romantic!

The Santorini Island

The Santorini Island is the southernmost island of Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, formed by the eruption of the volcano. The severe cliff of the black lava is dotted with tiny white houses and churches with blue domes. Narrow, winding streets, staircases create a unique romantic atmosphere. The most popular towns are Thira and Ia. You can get to Santorini by plane from Athens or Rhodes and by ferry from Heraklion, Piraeus, Rafina. You can order a wedding ceremony in Santorini from April 20 to October 20.


The village of Ia, often called Oia is situated in the north of the Greek island of Thira which has 763 inhabitants and together with the surrounding settlements 962 inhabitants. It is situated at only 11 kilometers far from the capital, Thira. The residents are still considered Apanomerites and refer to the earlier designation Apano Meria of the village. The antiquity of the traditional site in Oia was one of two harbors: old Theras and Kamari in the southeast of the island.


The island in Greece in the north of Crete is a fairy paradise created from crystal white walls cascade buildings, transparent waters of the Aegean Sea, as well as the sunrises, which are the best in the world. The place is famous first for the most beautiful sunsets in the small town of the Greek island of Santorini. The famous sunset of Ia is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. It is the place where the tourists are always present. It is the place where” the Sun and the Sea kiss” and the whole view is dressed in a diaphanous light. When dusk approaches, the city is besieged by tourists and every corner of it is busy to watch the sunset.


The main places to watch the sunset are the castle ruins and the windmill. You can get great images of traditional houses located on the slope too. There are two ports in Ia: Ammoudi and Armenis ports. The port Ammoudi must be climbed about 300 steps to be reached out. There are the places which can be a romantic dream of the heart and where people can have unforgettable moments. Due to its isolated location at a height above the Aegean Sea, Ia, offers romantic and magnificent views and the possibility for a magical entertainment.


Ia is just the place to visit: indescribable beauty of just three or four colors, serenity, tranquility, placidity. I do not know what words should and can describe this piece of land, but if it's still so close, yet so if it is available, you can imagine to arrange such a pleasure! Santorini is the continuation of euphoria, an island of tranquility, romance, love and peace. It is a paradise for photographers, lovers, lovers of interesting landscapes, in a word, a must see romantic place!


Even before the Venetian domination the village was mentioned in several travel reports. With the establishment of the Duchy of Naxos in 1207, Marco Sanudo built the Venetian feudal system of Santorini. The fortress of Agios Nikolaos also called Apanomeria, was among the Corogna as one of five castles of Santorini. On the southwestern edge of the village there was a residential tower "Goulas" , the oldest residential area. In 1537 Khair ad-Din Barbarossa, conquered the place and the Aegean islands were given to Sultan Selim II to pay tribute. Then Santorini remained under the reign of the Crispo family. Till the mid- of the 17th century the place used Thevenot 's name Castelli San Nicolas .


The name changed to Ia was performed in the second half of the 19thCentury. At the end of the 19th century and early 20th century Ia witnessed an economic boom time. The prosperity was based on maritime trade in the Eastern Mediterranean, in particular on the transit trade from Russia to Alexandria. In 1890, about 2,500 people lived in the village. There were about 130 sailing ships, a shipyard in the Bay of Armeni . The surrounding areas produced large quantities of wines of excellent quality. The wine was also exported to France. The advent of steam navigation and the concentration of shipping in Piraeus led to a sharp decline of maritime trade. The increasing emigration, especially in Piraeus and Lavrion was accompanied by the abandonment of agriculture. In 1940 the village had 1348 inhabitants.


On the 9th July, 1956 there was a tsunami in Amorgos with a strength of 7.4 and this caused major damages. The epicenter of the strongest aftershock (magnitude 7.2) was just off the northeast coast of Thira. After the earthquake, the village was again threatened by high levels of emigration and in 1977 the population was only of 306 people. In 1976, Ia was added in the program of conservation and development of traditional settlements of the Greek National Tourism Organisation (EOT), headed by Aris Konstantinidis. The target of the 15-year program was the preservation and the restoration of the selected buildings and the building complexes of traditional architecture in conjunction with a change in use. From the simple dwellings of the marines, comparable with some caves on the caldera rim, there appeared guest houses, hotels, restaurants in the higher-priced segment. Today, it is the highest land in Greece. For the work in Ia the Greek National Tourism Organisation won the Europa Nostra prize in 1986 and the price of the Architecture Biennial in Sofia.

Main attractions

The main attractions are: the Volcano, the Akrotiri archaeological site, the Mesa Vouno, the Prehistoric Museum, the Cave Paintings Exhibition ( the three-dimensional reconstruction of the paintings found), the Wine Museum, the Naval Museum, the Archaeological Museum, the Ethnological Museum Megaron Gyzi, the Dominican Monastery, the Catholic Cathedral ,the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral, the Monastery of Prophet Elias, the Diocese Panagia, the Thira Ancient Maritime Museum in Oia, Mount Profitis Ilias Monastery. Those who want to spend their vacation on this island should be aware of the fact that the island does not benefit of its own sources of drinking water.


The main towns on the island are: the capital Fira (Thira), Kamari, famous for its beaches with black sand , Firostefani, Oia, with its picturesque churches: Pyrgos, Perissa with beautiful beaches and the well-organized, traditional village Megalochori, Mesariá center island , Monolithos, Vlichada and Thirasia located on the same island.

The volcanic islands

The diverse and the spectacular landscape of Santorini is due to a volcanic process which took place around 1650 BC. One of the largest volcanic eruptions in the last 10,000 years was followed by the collapse of land and the formation of a closed depression flooded by the sea water which geologically formed the island of Santorini. Several smaller, subsequent eruptions, two small islands formed two small islands inside the volcano: the Palea Kameni and the Nea Kameni.

The Maritime Museum

The best attraction in Ia, Santorini is the Maritime Museum. The Maritime Museum is one of the few nineteenth-century neoclassical buildings that remained standing and were restored. The museum collections include old and new models of ships, marine equipment, old photographs and rare chests of sailors, specific paintings and vestiges of the Venetian fortress.



On the island you can find hotels from 2 to 5 stars. The hotels have swimming pools, playgrounds for children and clubs for adults. Although the vast major activity of hotels is focused for a romantic vacation, without taking into account the needs of the children. On a small island like Santorini there are not so many hotels, so booking a room earlier guarantees a good rest. The hotels also feature restaurants of all types of Greek and European cuisine, taverns and pubs, as well as numerous cafes and pastry shops.


There are modern health centers and beauty centers and water parks. Youth will not be bored on Santorini, as it has a mass of night bars and discos at its disposal.

The Athinios port

Athinios however, is the largest port of the island. Lying at the foot of the high cliffs. This is the scene of a permanent chaos. All ferries arrive at Athinios, as cruise ships, bringing hundreds of tourists running to see "the best of the best."


Santorini has a long hot season and short rains. Humidity is relatively high. Temperature fluctuations are negligible throughout the year. The warmest months are July and August, but thanks to the cool breeze the heat is practically not felt. The holiday season lasts from May to October. The sea water warms up to +26 ° C.


The coastline, steep in the west, passes into endless pebbles and sandy beaches on the east coast. On Santorini, you can choose the color of the beach - there are red, white and black. The beaches with black sand or pebbles are Kamari, Armenia, Ammoudi, Baksedes, Perivolos, Perissa, Monolithos, Kokkini Amos. Santorini has also over 200 churches around.


There are also private churches, houses and hotels. The big ones are mostly open to the public. There is a tradition which is kept in Santorini. No neon or other signs with lights are allowed.


Rest is a paradise in Santorini! Santorini is a miraculous island ! It is ideal for weddings and honeymoons. But generally speaking Santorini is just a fabulous island with possible other nearby islands to see! I strongly advise to try the local wine. You will definitely go back there again.

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Ia-a real dream - The Island of Lovers

Ia-a real dream - Beautiful sunset
Ia-a real dream - Beautiful sunset

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Ia-a real dream - Fairy piece of land

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Ia-a real dream - Wonderful island

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Ia-a real dream - Magical view

Ia-a real dream - Romantic view
Ia-a real dream - Romantic view