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Borgo alla Collina


About Borgo alla Collina


  Borgo alla Collina is a charming little town perched atop on hillside that divides the Arno valley from Solano. Thus, the town enjoys an absolutely gorgeous location, which allows visitors to admire the entire Casentino area with its medieval churches, secular woods and ancient castles. Borgo alla Collina was once under the dominion of the noble feudal Conti Guidi of San Niccolò family, a great family that succeeded in maintaining its control over the area until the first half of the 14th century. By this time, it was included in the territory of the Florentine Republic. Between the 14th and 18th centuries, Borgo alla Collina has preserved its autonomy and it was later included in the Castel San Niccolò as a result of the reforms implemented by Grand Ducal in 1776.


Major sights to visit in Borgo alla Collina


  Nowadays, the little town impresses the visitor with its well-maintained medieval winding streets with beautiful terraced houses, offering it a special charm. The town is dominated by the Borgo alla Collina Castle, which was built during the 11th – 12th centuries. Up until today, the square watchtower is preserved, as well as the central part of the building. The building has been subject to restoration work after the Second World War and it is now a must see place while visiting Borgo alla Collina. In the later 1400’s, the Castle was passed to the Florentine Chancellor and Humanist Cristoforo Landino. Nowadays, the Accademia Casentinese di Lettere, Arti, Scienze ed Economia can be found here, which is headed by Professor Vittorio Vettori.
  Another attraction in the beautiful town of Borgo alla Collina is the medieval church of San Donato, which is centrally located. The church houses a polyptych that represents the “Mystical Marriage of Santa Caterina” dating from 1423, belonging to the “Master of Borgo alla Collina”, and a splendid tomb attributed to Cristoforo Landino dating from 1848. From the ancient ruins of the fortified walls, Porta di Orgi still stands today, serving once as a doorway. Not far away from the Arno river, the Sant’Anna di Orgi oratory rises, which dates from the 10th century and has been restored in the 16th century. The oratory houses the “Cristo di Orgi”, which is a crucifix used in sacred ceremonies. Anually, on the first Monday of August, Cattle Fair is organized in Borgo alla Collina, an event that draws numerous tourists together with local population from the entire area of Arezzo.

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Casentino is one of the most beautiful regions in Tuscany, located between Florence and Arezzo.
Scattered with ancient castles and monasteries, medieval towns and century-old hamlets, Casentino will offer you a glance of what Tuscany and Italy really mean, with its colourful past and splendid panoramas.
The proximity to Italy’s major cultural and tourist centres, Florence and Arezzo, the greenish landscape of the oval-shaped valley, lush rolling hills ascending to mountains and ancient sites are the few vantage points that make Casentino a region worth visiting and exploring.
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