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The Benrth Castle


Benrath Castle – a historical destination

  The Benrth Castle also called Schloss Benrath is historically and horticultural significant, and plays an important part in the everyday life of local citizens. It’s an amazing building and holds a rich history. It is a Rococo Maison de Plaisance near Dusseldorf, Germany, and was erected for the Elector Palatine Charles Theodore by his garden and building drector and garden supervisor, Nicolas de Pigage.  The castle is located in extensive park grounds of gardens and pools and is smaller than many of the grand European royal palaces. Benrath Castle is also a World Heritage site and was has been proposed for designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here visitors can take a stroll and chill out in the fresh air. Here they can visit the grounds with their children, and relax from the stress of the working day.

The Castle History and design

  The Benrth Castle was built in a pretty long period of time, from 1756 to 1770. The castle was finished so late after a delay from the Seven Years War of European succession and was built as a pleasure and hunting palace for the Elector Karl Theodor. In those years, some elements of Neoclassicism were detectable in its interior finishing. The amazing castle has an interesting design and attracts your attention with its feminine pink shades, opulent halls and flower gardens. In those days the Schloss Benrath was mostly home to the servants, living in the quarters cleverly hidden on a concealed floor between the lower and upper main floors. The Schloss didn’t become a regular residence until after the end of the Napoleonic period when the Treaty of Vienna gave the lands to Prussia and the grounds became public property of the town of Benrath in 1911. The palace was damaged and restored in both the French invasion of 1795 and bombing of World War II and for a time housed a school.

  The Benrath Palace building consists of a main building, eastern and western wings, the two gate houses and four guard houses which are in an excellent repair. In the east wing of Benrath in 2002 was founded the Museum für Europäische Gartenkunst - The Museum for European Garden Art. The west wing houses the Naturkundemuseum - Museum of Natural History. A tour of the main palace with its exhibits of furniture, porcelain and paintings gives you an impression of court life during the second half of the 18th century.

The Benrath Palace nowadays

  The Palace of Benrath today is one of the most preferable spots for all the tourists and local people. It is a popular spot for the satisfaction of locals. One of the more unique features of the interior is the double dome of the grand hall with false sky seen through the top of the inner dome. What is also remarkable is the illusion that from the outside you think the palace has two storeys, but in fact it has four. In addition, everything is symmetrical. Though the palace is intricate parquet wooden floors and mirrored halls are mostly devoid of furnishings. Children can play or just cool a little in the reflecting pool with its spouting fountain. For grown-ups there is an area where they can run or do jogging through the extensive garden grounds. There is a restaurant where visitors can take lunch or a rich sweet ice cream or Cherry tart dessert. The restaurant is located next to the museum. There are also individual manifestations for children showing how people lived in earlier times. Music concerts and other events are regularly held, recitals of Handel and baroque period masters.

  In the Palace Park there are displayed a variety of scenarios, composed in a very harmonic way. At the front of the palace is a round pond. To the rear is the Spiegelweiher, the rectangular 'mirror pond' which really reflects the palace. A third pond within the park invites visitors to sit and rest. In summer, fireworks and light shows are held on holidays in the park grounds. Regular guided tours of the main house referred to as the Corps de Logis are given during the year, with some special theme tours on the Life of Servants, courtly Table Manners or Court Hunting.
Visually, the main house forms the highest point and the centre at which all the axes of the garden meet. These axes divide the garden into its smaller parts, including the English garden, the 'Trompet' and the kitchen garden.
  So, if you want to spend a great afternoon out in Düsseldorfor a great morning walk, you should visit the palace and its park. Also, if you have some time left you should definitely take a leisurely walk in Benrath village centre nearby. The good time is guaranteed.

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The Benrth Castle  - Front view
The Benrth Castle - Front view

The Benrth Castle  - Overview
The Benrth Castle - Overview

The Benrth Castle  - Some actors
The Benrth Castle - Some actors

The Benrth Castle  - Amazing view
The Benrth Castle - Amazing view

The Benrth Castle  - The Pool
The Benrth Castle - The Pool

The Benrth Castle  - The Castle Park
The Benrth Castle - The Castle Park

The Benrth Castle  - The Castle Park
The Benrth Castle - The Castle Park

The Benrth Castle  - Side view
The Benrth Castle - Side view