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The Manti Temple


  The Manti Temple is one of the most attractive temples in Utah and was founded in April 25, 1877. This temple was originally called “Temple Hill”, but then they changed it into The Manti temple. Its construction took a long time, almost 10 years. That’s why the temple was completed in 1888. This temple is one of the thirteen Utah temples and is located in Salina. The Temple has almost 27 acres and was designed in an interesting way. Its style is reflecting influence of Gothic Revival, French Renaissance Revival, French Second Empire and colonial architecture. The Manti Temple is a breathtaking construction, its exterior is a fine-textured, cream-colored oolite limestone obtained from quarries in the hill upon which it is built. The Manti Utah Temple is the fifth constructed temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and was built along with the St. George and Logan temples to satisfy the church’s immediate need for temples. The magnificent Manti Utah Temple dominates the Sanpete Valley of central Utah and approaching visitors can see the distinctive towers from a few miles away.

  The Manti Utah Temple features beautiful hand-painted murals on the walls of its progressive-style ordinance rooms: Creation Room, Garden Room, World Room, Terrestrial Room (no murals), and Celestial Room. There are also eight sealing rooms, four floors including basement. Every room is very big and was constructed in a unique way. The celestial room is the largest of all the Utah temples. The room is unbelievable and has a real pioneer structure with ornate ceilings and wooden bench seating. In the center of the temple there is a spiral staircase, which has 179 stairs and goes to the top of the tower of the Manti Utah Temple. The dramatic stairways are an engineering marvel of the Mormon pioneers.

  The Manti Utah Temple was built on a rattlesnake-infested site, known as the Manti Stone Quarry and was the only temple dedicated by President Lorenzo Snow. The temple's construction was carefully and tastefully executed, the workmanship, decoration, and furnishing representing a high quality of skill and design. Windows and doors of this temple were constructed very high, this giving the temple a gorgeous view. The surroundings have a picturesque landscape full of flowers and interesting trees. You can take a walk and enjoy the clean air and the amazing view.

  The Manti Utah Temple is one of two temples that still use live acting for presentation of the endowment. This is one of the main reasons why people chose to visit this amazing temple along with its unbelievable beauty and uniqueness. 

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The Manti Temple  - Overview
The Manti Temple - Overview

The Manti Temple  - Side view
The Manti Temple - Side view

The Manti Temple  - Bottom View
The Manti Temple - Bottom View

The Manti Temple  - Right view
The Manti Temple - Right view

The Manti Temple  - Side view
The Manti Temple - Side view

The Manti Temple  - Front view
The Manti Temple - Front view