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    Brazil hosts the densest Catholic population from all countries in the world. Due to the fact, that Easter holiday is one of the most important and celebrated Christian holidays, Brazil has a unique way of Easter holiday celebration. The Easter holiday in Brazil is celebrated in autumn. The preparations for this unique holiday are accompanied with interesting and impressive traditions and habits. The Easter holiday is marked with The Easter Festival, which ensemble various shows and presentations. One of the major events during to the Eastern holiday period is The Holy Week, which starts with The Palm Sunday, when are blessed the flowers and the palm branches. The parishioners are carrying the statues of Jesus and of the Virgin Mary. The traditional food prepared especially for this ceremony is called the “pacoca”. This food is cooked of peanuts and sugar and it serves as a delicacy for the visitors. Easter holiday is a really incredible period to visit Brazil. Before spending a nice Easter holiday in the local surroundings of Brazil, you can enjoy The Rio Carnival, which takes place every year before Easter in Rio de Janeiro.

  The Rio Carnival is recognized as one of the most spectacular and magnificent carnivals in the world. The crowded dancers, artists and musicians ensemble almost a 1 km parade line, where they are maintaining a joyful and enchanting ambiance. You can also visit Recife city in Brazil, which also organize folkloric presentations and festivities. After the festive presentations and carnivals the Brazilians begin the Easter holiday preparations. One of the Easter holiday symbols is the macela flower, which serves as a decoration for churches and homes. The traditional Easter cuisine is based on chocolate Easter eggs, the Easter cake. Brazil is a perfect Easter holiday destination, if you intend to spend a nice family holiday in an exotic and impressive country. Due to the fact that Brazil is a crowded holiday destination, it provides a wide variety of accommodation services and facilities. The hotels and the guest houses are offering high class services and qualitative standards. You should definitely enjoy a trip to the historical regions in Brazil, which reveal the rich cultural and spiritual inheritance of this country. 
  Brazil represents the major point of the Catholicism religion, which preserves the religious and the cultural values and principles of the Catholicism. Whatever is your reason to visit Brazil, you will experience one of the most impressive and unforgettable Easter holidays ever. The Easter holiday characteristic chocolate eggs and cakes serve as the main delicacies prepared for the Easter Sunday. During your trip in Brazil, you will meet different cultural and religious performances and festivities. In the Fazenda village, you can explore the impressive acting play of the most impressive and emotional Easter events, like the crucifixion, the resurrection. The Humanitary Festival represents a religious festival in Brazil, which takes place during the Easter holiday. Spending the Easter holiday in Brazil, you will experience an incredible time, surrounded by generous and kind people. The Easter holiday is really imposing in Brazil, due to the fact that it is considered a cultural and a spiritual place, where you can enjoy a fantastic holiday. If you aren’t sure about the Easter holiday destination yet, you definitely have to choose Brazil as the perfect Easter holiday destination.

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One of the most important and beautiful international holidays, celebrated by the majority of nations is the Easter holiday.
This is a perfect ocasion for traveling and discovering some great spiritual and cultural destinations.
Easter holiday is also a suitable period for visiting some really impresive sites, in order to explore the natural beauty and charm of the most appreciated and spectacular places in the world.
You just have to select the most attractive destination in order to know experience one of the most exciting and fabulous Easter holidays ever.