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Memorial Complex "Eternity"


Memorial Complex "Eternity" was opened on 9 May 1975 on P. Halippa street. This complex was dedicated to the soldiers of the Red Army who fell during the Jassy-Kishinev Operation of World War II. "Eternity" Memorial Complex in Soviet times was called the “Victory Memorial”. The Memorial composition is crowned by five rifles made of stone with a height of 25 meters, arranged in a pyramid. At the bottom of these rifles there is a large five-pointed star. In the center of the star is a fire that “burns forever”. Throughout the North-West part of the Memorial are located six engravings, sculptures and composition, which symbolizes the separate stages of the Second World War, beginning with the first day of war until the day of victory. On the basis of carved walls, along the alley, are placed 155marble plates with the names of the heroes fallen in war. Memorial territory is paved with white stone plates. People lay flowers in memory of soldiers who died during the fighting to defend the homeland.

  In April-August 2006 took place memorial complex reconstruction. City residents have a good tradition: on the wedding day, the bride and the groom come here to take pictures and lay flowers at the war monument. And on the day of victory, that takes place on May 9th, the war veterans gather together and give flowers for the soldiers who have died in war.
“Eternity” Memorial consists of two sectors, namely: the cemetery, where they buried a large number of soldiers who died in the war, and the second sector is the sector with monuments, where people bring flowers every day in memory of the soldiers. Also, on the territory of Memorial Complex "Eternity" is located a small bell. Tourists who visit the memorial have the opportunity to touch and even to ring the bell. Memorial Complex "Eternity" is a green place, there are a lot of trees and flowers, giving the appearance of a beautiful park. That's why this place is always visited by many people, who, after a long day of work, come here to relax and inspire fresh air! Also a lot of people come here to remember those who died defending the country.

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