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"Mihai Eminescu" Theater


  "Mihai Eminescu" Theater is one of the largest theater in Chisinau and is considered to be a monument of art, architecture and history of national importance, and it’s introduced in the register of monuments of history and culture by the initiative of Chisinau Academy of Sciences. "Mihai Eminescu” Theater it’s a perfect place for the people who appreciates culture and art and loves to watch a successful play. This theater has hosted a great number of artists, actors. The theater plays, in some occasions, can be interpreted in foreign languages, this giving opportunity to foreign tourists delight in the full theatrical act. The plays staged here are mostly by French, Italian, Norwegian, Romanian, and Russian play writers. This theatre used to be called the National Theater in Chisinau, but they changed it into ”Mihai Eminescu”. The theater first was founded in 1930 in Tiraspol. The first attempt of building this theater was in the early '30s of the twentieth century in a Neoclassical style, but because of the economic depression, his construction was preserved. In the 1949-1953 years project was completed under the leadership of architect Galadjeva who was part of the UNION “Teatrproiect”, the interiors and facades of the theater- under the architects V.F. Alexandrov and V.P. Smirnov, preserving prewar forms and stylistics. The construction was finished in spring 1954.
  The Theater building, built in three levels, the last of which is an attic, built on a basement, occupies the corner of a neighborhood that was once reserved for the police market. "Mihai Eminescu” Theater was placed with a withdrawal from the boulevard line. The main entrance of the theater is built on a stepped podium, what gives the building a more monumental view. Theater plan is rectangular, with perpendicular narrow facade of Stefan cel Mare. The composition of the theater space dominates the cylindrical volume of theaters, surrounded on three sides by balconies, rooms and corridors, crowned with a spherical dome. Carved relief of the eardrum, executed by the sculptor L. Dubinovsky, at the last reconstruction disappeared. Side facades have a symmetrical composition with central porticoes of six columns in the middle of the facades, crowned with triangular pediments, which occur side entrances into the building.
  The theater hall, located in the middle of the building has a set of circular dome, the surface was painted with the image of an “Moldavian dance”- “Hora”, the image was taken from the painter sketches of  L.P. Grigoraşenco. The Lodges and the balconies repeats the pattern of the room, which is reached by a monumental scale with three ramps and staircases at the four corners of the square circumscribing the room. Two side-entry side, located north and south lead from the street and square for the theater lobby.


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