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National Museum of History


  The National Museum of History was founded in 1987. The museum exhibits over 263 000 art pieces, among which about 165 000 items are original pieces of national heritage. Archaeology and Ancient History, Medieval History, History of Basarabia and Contemporary History and Treasures departments are the the scientific core of the institution.

  The museum has the following objectives: conservation and maintenance of historical sites, scientific research on historical periods and specific exhibits as well as organizing different activities aimed at acquainting the population with the history of the country, mainly through exhibitions. An intense exhibition work is conducted - 15 exhibitions are held each year. In addition to being Moldova's cultural office, guarded symbolically by the Statue of the Wolf with Romulus and Remus, the structure of the museum also includes five other subsidiaries: the Exhibition of Military Eqipments and Sciusev Memorial House in Chisinau, C. Stamati Memorial House in Ocnita, Lazo family mansion of Stone in Orhei and Charles XII Museum in Varnita.

  As a cultural institution, the Museum contributes to forming and maintaining national historical conscience of citizens of Moldova.

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