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   Uppsala is one of the most attractive and impressive cities in Sweden. As almost all cities in Sweden, Uppsalla city is crossed by several chanells and waterroads. It creates a really romantic and solem atmosphere there. The town is located in the south-central part of Sweden. The town is really easy to reach from Stockholm. This town is ruther reputable as a student city, becouse of the large variety of universities and educational institutions there. The city’s cultural and religious symbol is The Uppsala Cathedral, that can be seen from all parts of the town. Near the Cathedral is situated the Gustavianum building, which hosts The Nordic Antiquities Museum and The Victoria Museum. The Fyris river cross the Uppsala city, dividing it in the west and east parts. The west part represents the  main cultural venue of the city and the east part hosts the economical and administrative domain. Through the mai tourist attractions can be mentioned: The Uppsala University Coin Cabinet, The Uppsala University Library, The Uppsala Castle, The Old Uppsala that provides some antique architectural ruins, which represents the historical and cultural inheritance of Uppsala. There can be found The Linnaeus Museum, that keeps the memory of the famous scientist, Carl Linnaeus. 

  The main venues of attractions for visitors and tourists in Uppsala represent the city’s universities. The Uppsala Library, also known as The Carolina Rediviva ensembles over 3 million works and also hosts some original works of Mozart. The Uppsala Castle complex hosts some museums, which are opened for the visitors. The city’s infrastructure, perfectly hosts the cultural institutions and besides that provides many entertainment locations for students, as: study halls, student clubs, conference comunities and also cafes, pubs and parks. The Uppsala University is the main high educational institution that provides a large variety of specialities for local and foreign students. The Swedish Univesity of Agricultural Sciences offer a wide sphere of researches and domains. The Newman Institute was founded in 2001 and it represents a Catholic institution in Uppsala. The Livets Ord Theological Seminary is one of the main educational institutions with a theology orientation. These institutions represent some of the oldest and reputable places in Scandinavia area. The city is also known for its lovely green areas, accurate and protected nature. The Stadsskogen Park provides wonderful entertainment attractions. There you can enjoy a nice golfplay and also to have a really wonderful walk through the nice alleys and gardens crossing the park. If you are addicted to shopping, you will apreciate the pleasant shops on the central streets oh Uppsala and also the magazines of the reputable and famous designers. 
  The best time to visit Uppsala is during the summer and autumn time. Due to the fact that Uppsala hosts a large number of foreign students and visitors, there is an enormous selection of hotels, guest houses, restaurants and other facilities. Also you can use the services of a car or byke  rental companies in order to explore the city in a really comfortable way. Uppsala city is appreciated by all visitors as one of the most safe and secure place. The transport system in Uppsala is well organised in order to cover all the areas. Uppsala city is a perfect destination in order to enjoy a relaxing and amazing holiday in the middle of a cultural and also modern ambiance.

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Sweden is a country with fabulous cultural, historical inheritance.
It is also called the land of Vikings.
Sweden is one of the most democratic and developed European countries.
The Sweden’s cities are really impressive and amaze with their green areas and monumental places.
The most spectacular Sweden cities have a lot to offer to all tourists and guests.