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Stanley Park


   One of the greatest attraction in Vancouver and a very beautiful urban park in the world is Stanley Park. It is situated at 10 minutes from the business district being a perfect place for relax and recreation activities for those who live in its proximity. Inititaly it was the place for the marine base in the Royal Navy, named after the Lord Stanley, the Canadian Governor who decided to design this park on a 1000 acres territory in 1888. The park offers a great view over the mountains and the ocean, and you can admire the surroundings taking a walk around it.

  The west side of the park it offers a great landscape of beautiful trees, including cedars, fir trees, that make the atmosphere very peaceful. On the eastern side of the park you can see a majestic lighthouse. The park also opens a great view over the Lion’s Gate Bridge which makes the connection between the park and the North Vancouver. The pillars of the bridge have 100 meters from the sea level and its road is 75 meters elevated making the ships and boats to go under the bridge. This bridge is dating since 1938 designed in a green colour. In the north side of the park stands a very attractive statue with a  girl in a wet suit representing the Little Mermaid, from the Christian Anderson story. Stanley Park is the perfect home for Vancouver’s Aquarium that includes 7000 species of fishes with more than 300 marine species and marine mammals as dolphins, beluga whales and gray whales. The Aquarium is the main attraction in the park especially during the summer time, when gathers very curious childrens.
  Stanley Park forms a peninsula on the northwestern side of the Vancouver’s downtown, giving the opportunity for beaches appearance. There are 2 beautiful beaches that are meant for swimming only. A  very nice landscape offer the forest trails which are lined for about 27 km offering a place for refuge where people can meditate in peace, away from the crowd. The little lake in the park is dight with lilies and other aquatic plants making it a unique spot for relax. This park will leave on you a magnificent impression making you to come back everytime while in Canada. It spectacular beauty makes the visitor to escape from the real world and find here the refuge that they really need.

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There you can spend a wonderful time, because this magnificent city is full of outdoor attractions and activities.
You can practice fishing, mountain biking, kayaking or camping.
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Stanley Park - Nature
Stanley Park - Nature's view

Stanley Park - Relaxing space
Stanley Park - Relaxing space