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Place d'Armes


   Place D’Ármes is a very old square which dates since 17th century and relates the Canadian history for a period of 100 years. This place includes all the moments from the past in one unique place, a monument dedicated to those who have founded the city. The most significant thing is that the buildings that surround the Place d’Armes  are dating from diverse eras of time. The first skyscraper of the city was built in 1888, representing a 8 stories building with the first elevator. Then the architects Cook, Wiilard and Babb added a clock tower, that gave to building 3 more stories.

   Another important monument that appeared in 1929 is the Aldred Building designed in an Art-Deco style. In 1967 there was built the National Bank of Canada Tower, that still keeps the post war architecture. In 1895 in the center of the square was built the monument of Paul Chomedey Maisonneuve, that considers to be the founder on the Montreal city. the statue of the founder is covered in bronze. Later, during the 20th century inside the square appeared more steel skyscrapers, Duluth skyscrapers and the Royal Trust Bank were 10 stories buildings, constructed from stone.
  The most famous monument that sits in this square is the Notre-Dame Basilica that dates from 19th century and still keeps the Neo-Gothic style. This unique masterpiece seems to be the most attractive place for visitors that come in Montreal. Nearby the square are very narrow cobblestone street that offer great restaurants, bistros, cafes and trendy boutiques that keep the visitors busy all the day long. There also are some building dating since 18th century. This neighborhood, Vieux-Montreal attracts thousands of visitors that are impressed by the architecture and the style of the places thate are here, for example the City hall or the Bonsecours that are exceptional buildings,  delighting visitor’s eyes with its charm and elegance. These unforgettable square gather thousand of moments from Montreal’s history in one gorgeous place. Just admiring and visitng those old buildings you will hear the whisper of the time relating all the hard moments that it passed through. Place d’Armes will amaze you for its spectacular buildings and art monuments that you will watch with enthusiasm, fascinated by the style and architecture.

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Montreal is the largest city in Canada and is rich in spectacular monuments and landscapes.
If you plan a trip in Montreal you definitely have to admire its museums, its amazing nature that is in a perfect harmony with the architectural pieces of art.
Check out the best places to visit in this unique city and make a decision based on reality.

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Place d'Armes - The Founder of Montreal

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Place d'Armes - Vieux-Montreal