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The Menji Sanriku earthquake in June, 1896


 Japan is one of the most active seismic regions, where take place more than 20 % from the most terrible earthquakes in the world. The quakes with strong magnitude can promote tsunami, with high destroying waves.   In  June, 1896 took  place the Menji Sanriku quake with the power of 7.2, that led to an enormous tsunami. The consequnces were terrible and the main lost was about 22.000 victims, and injured people. The origin of the quake was set at the Japan Trench, where are complemented the Pacific and Eurasian plates.  The quake took place far away from the sea coast, that is why the people weren’t aware of the coming tsunami. The most affected areas were Sanriku shore regions, which were flooded with 30 m high waves. There were damaged towns as: Aomori, Hokkaido, Miyagi. The roads and constructions were flooded and thousands of houses were ruined becouse the high ambundence of water.

  The Menji Sanriku earthquake caused the tsunami, which represented the main cause for the enourmous damages. Despite the meaures taken to avoid floods and the high ambundence of water the teritories near Sanriku bank were particulary affected. Also, there were sea coasts with ports and fishinh spots that were totally ruined. These events influenced on the economic development of the Miyagi, Hokkaido, Sanriku regions and it was necessary a prompt attitude in order to assist and support the affected regions. 
  The implementation of the seismic prevention system in Japan is an important security measure taken in order to prevent the earthquakes and to get ready the population for natural calamities. But, unfortunately, the seismic prevention systems can’t contol and monitore the quakes thet happen under sea, ocean. The earthquakes under ocean, the majority of times conduct to tsunami. It is considered that the Menji earthquake could  be not so awful and destroying if it happened at the ground level. The Japanesse authorities had taken great measures and have strengthened the social policy in order to suppot the society. Also, the scientists are implenting high seismic prevention systems, to assure the society’s safe and security.

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There are many major cities in Japan which are vulnerable to earthquakes.
The cities with poor infrastructure suffer the largest difficulties and loss of life.
Some areas register small shakings on a daily basis.
There are regions which suffer small to medium size earthquakes on a regular basis.
Most dangerous are regions where earthquakes could take human lives, ruin cities and destroy people’s houses.