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Ferry Building


   A very famous masterpiece in San Francisco, Ferry Building  has more than 100 years. This building is terminal point for all ferries that travel through San Francisco. On the top of the building it is a clock tower which can be seen and hear from a long distance. Ferry Building was the end point for those people who have worked in San Francisco but lived in East Bay. The designer of the building was  Page Brown, who has built this huge piece of art of 201 meters length. The clock of the building has  71 meters and was inspired by the Giralda Tower of the Seville Cathedral in Spain. This powerful building didn’t suffer after the earthquakes from 1906 and 1989, but still suferred some renovations during the time. In 2004 the building was open as a gourgeous marketplace and spaces for offices and of course as a terminal end.

  The vistors can admire the interior arches , mosaic floors, and skylights, that shine with a beautiful charm. Inside the Ferry Building is taking place the farmer’s  market that opens its doors every Saturday from 8am to 2pm, on Tuesday and Thursday it open from 10am to 2pm, all the year. After the renovation the building appears in a European style, with restaurants and cafes situated in corners, providing the tourists with indoor and outdoor spaces for relax. All the produces are provided by the farmers and regional citizens.
  This massive and amazing building is a very popular attraction in San Francisco.It is very famous for its great restaurants with their fresh and healthy food. It will leave an unforgettable impression on you for its amazing clock tower that dates since 12th century. Its amazing design and architecture is a real reason for going there to see it. Don’t miss the opportunity to see all the ferries that still come there, and its spectaculr beauty of the nature that surrounds it. It is a great place to spend the Sunday surrounded by beautiful nature, relaxing in a very pleasant atmosphere.

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Ferry Building  - The Clock Tower
Ferry Building - The Clock Tower

Ferry Building  - Overview
Ferry Building - Overview