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   Rumi Club seems to  be one of the glamorous clubs in Buenos Aires in the time is a famous restaurant. It opens its doors form 1:30a.m Wednesday to Saturday  and gathers only trendy people and even VIP clients who have to be fashionable dressed to impress. It is a popular place where you can drink, dance and have the dinner very late, and is a great spot for having fun. This club is set up with tables, chairs, but later in the night is becomes an amazing dance floor attracting the younger clients which have a very pretentious air.

  Around 10:30PM in the club is serving the dinner,and is well known that on Wednesday night here you can afford to pay more but to have the drink, the dessert and of course the entry paid. The menu offers a variety of pasta , or steak, then you can choose wine, coffee or beer.  And if you are looking for some celebrities, fashion of glamour, this is the ideal place to fiind it. You have to wear impecable clothes to offer a chic look to satisfy the praying eyes that will surround. Rumi Club is the home for electronic , hip-hop and house music  mixed by the most famous DJs.  Everytime attracts the locals for its good music and exceptional hot atmosphere that creates on the dance floor.
  The great combination of the styles created a cosmopolitan decor, for this unique space that offers the chance to make a program for dinner and music for people who look for fun, dancing, eating in the same place. The ambiance is definitely spactacular, with the  dance floor in the middle and the tables across the bar, giving the possilbility to take a drink really quick and go back to dance, on the one of those two dance floors that the clubs is providing with.
  Check out the beauty of this gorgeous nightclub and restaurant and you won’t be disappointed. You will release yourself of all the troubles . You just need to take with you a lot of energy to try this experience out, that will leave only nice memories and unbelievable impressions. 
  Address : Av.Figueroa Alcorta 6442, Costanera, Buenos Aires
  Phone: +54 11 4782 1307

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Buenos Aires hardly ever sleeps and seems to be the party city.
There are bars, clubs of all sizes, styles and music that will keep you busy till dawn.
For a complete vacation in Buenos Aires you have to check out their best nightclubs because you will be fascinated for real!!!!!

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Rumi - Interior view
Rumi - Interior view