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Niceto Club


   Niceto club was opened in July 1998 and became immediately one of the famous clubs in Buenos Aires. During the time people think that it is the only place which converge such a big variety of styles, music and artists. On Thursday is well-known that here the baroque Club 69 takes place and the Friday night is hip-hop’s night when the lovers of this style come to show up the indian rock and electro style. The club has two stages for dance in the main room, one of the them is decorated in a hip-hop theme, the other one has  elements inspired from cabaret.

  Many locals and international artists have shown their performances on its stages, giving many parties from rock, pop, reggae, hip-hop, tango,electro or funk style. Niceto club offers a lot of energy from the live music played by the most famous DJ’s. While in the city of Buenos Aires you can visit this spectacular club to enjoy your time dancing on the floor, tasting from their delicious cocktails or just relax and have fun.some times this is the ideal place for parties where are invited international artist that make the stage an incendiary one, full of enery and adrenaline where is no time to get bored.
  Located in a very fancy part of Palermo , this club is full of trendy and modern people who come here even to impress through their elegant style. Attracts thousands of clients especially on Saturday night, when is the perfect time to escape from the real world and to come in a nightclub to delight your eyes and soul with the best music, that release your body and mind offering a very hot and pleasant ambiance. The club also has a small chill room not so popular and a separated bar where the atmosphere is more peaceful. Anyway this club is a very popular destination for tourists and citizens who look for entertainment at the highest level.
  Address: Niceto Vega 5510,Palermo,Buenos Aires
  Phone: +54  11 4779 9396 

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Buenos Aires hardly ever sleeps and seems to be the party city.
There are bars, clubs of all sizes, styles and music that will keep you busy till dawn.
For a complete vacation in Buenos Aires you have to check out their best nightclubs because you will be fascinated for real!!!!!

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Niceto Club - Hot atmosphere
Niceto Club - Hot atmosphere