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   Crobar is located near the Palermo Hipodrom and is one of the most wonderful electronic music nightclubs in Buenos Aires. It has a capacity 2000 people including 2 bars and a separated bar for the VIP clients. It is designed into a very industrial style with large disco balls coloured in green or black, it has some of the best sound in Buenos Aires.

  Crobar is also one of the most expensive clubs in Buenos Aires and gathers rich clients, people who have money, they are very friendly, hospitable and sociable as well. The clients are wearing casual clothes, you can see only people in jeans and t-shirts. They usually make a list of guest and is not so hard to add you in it, just leave a contact and they will invite allways at their parties. The best time to get  there is on Saturday night when you can dance on the electronic music played by the best international DJ. The club has a back room for rock music offering ’80 remixes and live bands that will create a real amazing atmosphere for those who love this kind of music.
  The creators of this popular club are Callin Fortis and Ken Smith who have opened this kind of clubs in all America. Due to its reputation in America, Crobar club is like a shining star and creates the most wanted nightlife in South America. This club is one of those clubs who really wants to give the energy that you need to have a lot of fun and the view is spectacular from each corner. With a beautiful dance floor surrounded by bars it offers an aesthetic look that will never make you tired. The music is a mix between electronic and house music , sometimes including  some well-known classical music remixed by the best and the most famous local DJ’s or from abroad.
  Make sure that you visit this night club while you are in Buenos Aires, because you won’t be disappointed. It will offer a great ambiance with a lot of positive energy, and will make you wish to come back there. The unique style and design, surrounded obly by rich snd simple people will change your idea about the selfish rich people who are here totally different. You will delight your eyes and ears with the exceptional view and music.
  Address: Paseo de la Infanta,Palermo,Buenos Aires,Argentina
  Phone: +54  11 4778 1500

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Buenos Aires hardly ever sleeps and seems to be the party city.
There are bars, clubs of all sizes, styles and music that will keep you busy till dawn.
For a complete vacation in Buenos Aires you have to check out their best nightclubs because you will be fascinated for real!!!!!

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Crobar  - Dance floor
Crobar - Dance floor

Crobar  - Enchanting atmosphere
Crobar - Enchanting atmosphere