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  Burgas is the second largest city on the Bulgarian Black sea coast. The city is located 385 km from Sofia, 267 km from Plovdiv and 133 km from Varna. The Bourgas Bay is  famous for its beautiful golden sands, accurate sea, calm and clean sea. The Burgas region is surrounded by  The Atanasovsko, Bourgas and Madrenskoe lakes. The city ensembles an impressive history, rich cultural traditions and unique nature. 

  One of the most famous places in Burgas is the Marine Park, there are monuments to the well-known personalities of Burgas and Bulgaria. There is also an open air summer theater.There are taken place various theatrical programs, festivals, parties and contemporary folk music. Near the park you can enjoy the pedestrian mall with nice cafes, elegant restaurants, bars and  shops. 
  Burgas is one of the most saving and economical resorts in Bulgaria. In this  city are located several beaches, lakes with fresh and salt water used for spas. Burgas is a perfect destination for walking and traveling, reseraching the history, culture and new things. Becouse it, is a really impressive cultural centre of Bulgaria. Surrounded by vineyards and peach orchards, the holiday in the resort of Burgas will be calm and relaxing, just perfect for those who want to relax from the busy rhythm. 
  Burgas city hosts a lot of spectacular historical monuments: Museum of Archaeology King Thracian tomb, Armenian Church, The Cathedral, The Museum of Ethnography and Folklore. In Burgas, you can visit the Seaside garden, the Cathedral of Cyril and Methodius, The Natural Science and History Museum. Here, the visitors can admire the collection of old photographs with the views of the beach and the old city's architecture.

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Bulgaria has a rich culture and a spectacular architecture, that is perfectly ensembled in the Bulgarian cities.
The spectacular places like museums, historical monuments, romantic galleries of art will impress you with their wonderful modesty and colorful history.
During the time, the main Bulagaria's cities became cultural attractions, industrial centers and of course touristic destinations.

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Burgas  - Spectacular view
Burgas - Spectacular view

Burgas  - Cultural centre
Burgas - Cultural centre

Burgas  - Beautiful night
Burgas - Beautiful night

Burgas  - Atanasovo Lake
Burgas - Atanasovo Lake

Burgas  - Sand sculpture
Burgas - Sand sculpture

Burgas  - Water sports
Burgas - Water sports

Burgas  - Beautiful beaches
Burgas - Beautiful beaches