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Ibsens Hotel


   Situated in a charming corner of Copenhagen , Ibsens Hotel  is like a gateway to the parks, squares, shopping streets , theatres and cinemas. It opens a great view of the beautiful lakes and is the right door to the trendy shops and cafes. the hotel has 113 rooms, 5 suites  one restaurant and a garden that offers a relaxant area for the tourists.

  Each room is decorated in s specific style, starting from the simple to the luxurious and romantic style, with a lot of gourgeous elements that make the room to be unique. In this hotel you can not find two identical rooms. The first floor of the hotel is decorated in a classic Danish design, the others floors are designed in a bohemian style with a lot of antique pieces. The rooms can be rented at a very resonable price offering a sincere attitude from the stuff that serves you with pleasure. The hotel provides the clients with a lot of service as: cable tv, direct dial phones, individual bath, access to internet and a bar in every room. 
  The restaurant offers a variety of specialities from international cuisine combined with local food. It gives a real enchanting atmosphere full of energy where you can have breakfast or dinner. You can take a walk to visit the exceptional theatres that will delight your eyes and ears with the splendid spectacles organized here. Ibsens  hotel is a modern with a quite and classic look on it. It will leave a great impression on you for its decorative style and location.
  Even if you are a romantic or a modernist here you can find the perfect room that fit your taste and the ambiance will make you feel like home, surrounded by friendly and hospitable people. Check out the hotel’s facilities and admire its beauty and make your own decision based on reality.

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Ibsens Hotel - Interior view
Ibsens Hotel - Interior view