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The Rila Monastery


 The Rila Monastery (Rilski Manastir) is located at 120 km south of Sofia and it is one of the most significant cultural monuments in Bulgaria. It is situated between the Alpine Mountains and the Rila National Park. It was founded by Ivan Rilski and used to be the primary spiritual and cultural center of Bulgaria and it also known as The St. John Rila Monastery. The central church’s walls are covered with impressive parts from the Bible, with religious elements. 

The Rila Monastery describes the monumental culture and religion and the amazing national architecture. During the time, the monastery has passed through difficult attempts, as fire, devastations of strange authorities, but it was supported by the entire Bulgarian nation. After the restoration, by the end of 14th century, the Rila Monastery became a powerful feudal entity. The church’s interior is extremely impressive. The lacation’s architecture and design was improved by famous architects and artists as: Ivan Nikolov The Iconpainter, Kosta Valyov, Zahari Zograph, Dimiter Zograph, Dimiter Mollerov, Ivan Obrazopis. The monastery owns a large gallery of art, icons, the figures of the Old Testament Kings, apostles martyrs, an exceptionally rich ornamentation of flowers. 
The Rila Monastery is included on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. It is recognised as one of the most precious cultural monuments of historical and architectural importance of Bulgaria. The Rila Monastery has never stopped to mentain the link between the Russian Orthodox communities, Romania, Serbia and Mount Athos. Today, the Rila Monastery is the only community of monks who preserved the traditions and spirit of the entire Balkan Orthodox culture.

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