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   Manaus is situated in the Nortwestern  part of Brazil and is the capital of Amazon state. This  city is the main gate to the world’s largest rainforest, because of  this, the city got to be a very attractive point for tourism. The city was founded in 1850 and its name comes from a local tribe that populated the area. In the city dominates a tropical climate that makes the weather all the time humid and very hot. The best time to adventure in the nearby jungle is in December-March when is not so hot.

  Manaus is surrounded by several attractions that keep the city alive. The tourists can visit   the Indian museum, the Amazonas Theatre and the Central Cultural Palace, the public library and the Opera House that were renovated during the time. You do not have to skip the Jesus Church, that dominate the center f the city. A uniqye masterpiece in this area is the Mercado Adolfo Lisboa, a copy of  Hallet de Paris that offers a real interesting view.
  The city of Manaus has residential areas, office buildings, markets and banks, that make the city to appear as a important commercial center. Manaus lies at the connection point between Rio Negro and river Amazon that makes the city to serve as a port for this region, and the center for travel into Amazon. This city has a very glorious history that is reflected in the historical buildings through its architecture and style.
  Manaus is the great place to explore and admire the biodiversity just entering into Amazon where you will find a large number of plants, thousands of species of birds and animals. It can be for the first time in your life when you may see the real jaguars and alligators, the biggest snakes in the world. You can take advantage of the cruises that are organized on river Amazon and those enchanting  place you will see wiil captivate your attention. Just for coming in Manaus and for delighting yourself through its beauty you will feel the luckiest in the world.

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Manaus - Amazon
Manaus - Amazon's fauna

Manaus - Amazon river
Manaus - Amazon river