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  Salvador is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is an exotic city in a very large country that attracts millions of visitors for its rainforests. Salvador was the capital of the country, now the capital of the state Bahia, and more then two centuries was the first  important port in Brazil. It lies between tropical hill and beautiful beaches along the bay Todos os Santos.
  Salvador has a very rich folklore , and mentains its cultural history and keeps its Brazilian, African and European roots. The citizens of this city makes the difference between their culture and the modern art that appears. The beaches are spread  across 30 miles and offer a lot of fun and activities where people can spend time. Its beaches have clear water and white  sand and is the perfect place to rest in a real paradise.
  The city of Salvador is the pefect union from history to culture, from beaches to desserts. Visitors can also find a lot of museums and cathedrals that make the city a unique one for its style and architecture. The influence of the African culture makes the city unique. Their culture and food still dominate the Salvador’s atmosphere. You can enjoy the time walking and admiring th old churches, the coloured mansions, the local sculptures and the courtyards covered with flowers.
  Salvador has the upper and lower section that devide the city. The great elevator  that makes the connection between the levels give a magnificent view of the city. The old colonial part of the city, Pelourinho,  is the the touristic point of Salvador , that attract visitors through its cobblestone streets  lined with churches  and nice buildings, where the baroque architecture keeps its influence.
  Those 300 churches and those exceptional beaches make this city to be an excellent place to visit. You will be fascinated by its architecture and style, and by the peaceful atmosphere that reigns here.

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If you plan a vacation in Brazil you have to visit its great cities that give you a spectacular view over its beauty.
You will have a real opportunity to see that this country is fascinating and unique.
Its beautiful cities will impress you through their magnificent nature and style, this will be a unforgettable memory for your entire life.

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Salvador - Great view
Salvador - Great view