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Jama Masjid


   Jama Masjid  is a famous mosque in Delhi that was built in 1656 by Shajahan. This structure features a mughal style and is the country’s largest mosque. The mosque comprises two minarets and three domes where thousand of muslims offer prayers. The structure is surrounded by several shops which offer a variety of things to the visitors. It is built from red sandstone and combines the hindu and muslim style in the architecture.

  The structure is situated on a very high platform and has two double-storeyed gateways to the north. At south and east it has the double-storyed also that surround the courtyard,  that measures around 100 square metres. The visitors can walk  in through the north and south gate because the other one was reserved for the emperor and its ladies. The most impressive is the mosque’s minarets that are 130 feet high. The domes are covered with black and white marble.
  Jama Masjid  tower is made from 5 different floors, each of them has a designed balcony. The first levels of the tower are made from red  sandstone, while the fourth is made from marble and the fifth one from sandstone. Near the eastern gate stands the tomb of Sultan Ahmed Shah, which is the home to 3 great rulers: Ahmed Shah I, his son Mohammed Shah and his grandson. Now this tomb is like a place of relicves where the visitors come for prayers, and leave their problems behind.
  It took almost 13 years to complete this marvelous  art of indo-saracen architecture of the Ahmed Shah style. The  courtyard is covered by white marble and has a pool inside that makes this place a special one, where people can rest in peace and meditate. Inside of this complex there are three exceptional domes decorated wih white marble that have strips of black marble with white marble cupolas at the corners, that create a realy colourful atmosphere full of dignity and harmony.
  Getting inside of this sacred place you will feel how your soul is released of all troubles and you can just admire the spectacular view that offers Jama Masjid. It will be a memorable day of your life for ever.

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Here even the stones are whispering to your ears all the hard moments that it pass during the time.
Its unique architecture is marked through its old monuments.
Check out New Dehli’s beauty and make an educated decision based on reality.

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Jama Masjid - Balcony view
Jama Masjid - Balcony view