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Natan's Restaurant


   Natan’s Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Pattaya. It impress its guests with its nice and simple menu and reasonable prices. The restaurant provides an intimate ambiance and also a great service. The restaurant’s menu offers you a large variety of dishes, in order you to feel comfortable to choose the best for you. 

  The drinks vary also by taste and preference, wines, beer, unusual cocktails and a lot of other tasty drinks, just perfect for your dinner and pleasant evening. The restaurant is open daily from 3.00 pm till midnight except Sundays. At Natan’s Restaurant you will be always warm welcomed. 
  Natan’s Restaurant serves Thai and also French dishes. It means that if you are interested in European food, you can definitely enjoy it here in a Thai style. Located between bars and cafes, the Natan’s Restaurant distinguish itself with its nice and a little noisy atmosphere, which is so characteristic to Pattaya’s places.
Address: 406/333 M.12 Jomtien Thapparaya Road, Pattaya, Thailand

Telephone: (038) 251 250.



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Natan's Restaurant - Warm attitude

Natan's Restaurant - Pleasant ambiance