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Tony's Disco & Entertainment Complex is one of the most famous night clubs in Pattaya. It has a variety of services to offer in order to satisfy every disposition. In club’s presentations are included concerts by international artists, exciting costume shows, graceful cabarets, excelent dance music. Also through the club’s services, you can choose the bowling lanes, billiards, tasty food, a chillout area, and finally the dance hall on two levels.
Tony's Disco & Entertainment Complex is an entertainment complex with live music and original dance shows, located in southern end of Walking Street. Tony's Disco & Entertainment Complex has a system of dual pricing. Spending a night at Tony's Disco has become a binding activity of the night trips to Pattaya.
The variety of entertainment temptations makes Tony’s complex special and atractive. The place never stops moving. The stuff is very nice and quailified, they are always offering cigarettes, cigars, or drinks. There is s a huge selection of drinks, which are not particularly cheap. Tony’s became a legendary place in Pattaya and a visit there has to complete your venture in Pattaya.
Adress: 139 Walking Street, South Pattaya 
Tel: +66 38 425 795

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