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Noul Neamt Monastery

  Noul Neamt Monastery is located in district Tighina on the coast of the river Nistru. In front of you it appears a huge 5 level bell, followed by the church’s towers and a lot of sacred cells which during the summer are in contrast with the greenery of the forest and gardens that surround the monastery. It took the name Noul Neamt from the first monastery Neamt situated on the right side of the river, considerate a duplicate.
  The foundation of the monastery is dating from the period when Alexandru  Ioan Cuza was the ruler in Moldova. In 1864 a few monks that came from the other side of Basarabia started to build the Neamt monastery blessed in God’s name. The monastery had 4 churches, the bell, abbot’s house,  Monk’s cells, refectory, the hospital, the school and the typography. The monastery hold 502 ha including orchards, vineyards and gardens. Monastery Noul Neamt  represented a real historic, artistic and pitoresque place.
  In 1962 was closed and there installed the hospital store, in some cells was a hospital for psychological deseases and the library was destroyed. In 1992 the sacred place was reopened  and totally restored. Now it looks like nothing happened and is still one of the most famous monasteries in Moldova and attracts through its strong and unique spirituality. 
  Every pilgrim will feel its  power when will pass through because here is a real pure atmosphere that releases the soul  and makes you feel self-confident. Is maybe the unique monastery in Moldova that offers  the lunch and spaces to rest. The nature is in  a perfect harmony with this place and creates a specific ambiance.

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Noul Neamt Monastery - Exterior view
Noul Neamt Monastery - Exterior view