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Washington Square Park


   Washington Square Park is some of the well known New York’s public parks. Located at  one foot from the Fifth Avenue is a exceptional landscape in Manhattan. It is an open space with beautiful traditions, the park’s fountain for a long time was the most popular spot for residents and tourists.

  The two magnifient features of the park are the Washington Arch’s and a very large fountain. The park also includes a lot of trees, gradens, play area for childrens, picnic tables,  a chess and scrabble playing area. 
  Before it was built in 1826 the park area was used as a burrial ground, the north side was a german cemetery but the south side was a potter’s field. Then  suffered a lot of changes; in may 1895 a 77 ft arch was inaugurated there. 
  Because it is so close to New York University, and the stores and clubs of Greenwich Village are near, Washington Square Park is a major center of  community activity. The park’s design attracts people of all ages and creates a space for everyone to gather there to see and to be seen as well. The parks is often the home to  summer concerts and ceremonies that may be there. The Washington’s Arch has graved in its marble  New York’s history  and United States’s  also, since 1889. In this park you can find the unique spirit of relaxation and freedom.

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