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Central Park


   Central Park is a unique place that makes New York to seem  alive. The huge park is located in the center of Manhattan and holds about 843 acres. The park offers a lot of playgrounds,  baseball areas, tennis courts, ice rinks, a lot of lakes, theatres, also considers to be the home for Central Park Zoo and for The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

  When the City of New York bought the place for Central Park in 1853 it was  far away from civilization. So they made a competition for all that want to make a project for creating the park. And the competition was won by Frederick Law Olmsted. To convert the swampy area into a park the designers realized;  hundred thousands of trees were planted,  more then three millions cubic yards of soil was moved,  a lot of bridges and road were constructed.  Actually it took more then 15 years to create the park and when created it became the most popular place in New York. The park that receives over 25 millions people every year, is the most visited urban park from United States.
  Central Park has several natural-looking lakes that have been created artificially ; exclusive walking tracks, two ice rinks and one of them becomes a swimming pool during the summer time; the park also includes the Zoo, the Central Park Conservatory Garden, a wildlife sanctuary, a area of natural woods, an outdoor amfitheatre called “Delacorte Theatre”.  The park as well includes indoor areas like:  Belvedere Castle, the historic Carousel and The Swedish Cottage that are unique places in New York and make your visit to be an unforgettable one.
  If you plan to take a break and escape from the work atmosphere,Central park is the ideal place for taking a short walk to admire the nature and its real spirit. 

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New York was and will be the most exciting and alive city in the world.
It is the city that never sleeps so no matter how tired you are, you have to walk around all the street and see the most interesting and wonderful places from New Nork.
So if you plan a visit in this city take a lot of energy with you because you will have a lot of fun here.