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The Empire State Building

  Each tourists has to have in his list “ The Empire State Building”or also named “New York’s Representative Building”. This bulding is the tallest from the city, and the 86th floor is the one where all  the tourists admire the unforgettable view of the city. There you can feel really “high”,  because the building is the third tallest skyscraper in the United States and 15th tallest in the world.
  During the summer time the lines of tourist are pretty long but you can fit a trip into your itinerary every weekday from 10 a.m till midnight or in weekend from 9:30 to midnight also. 
  Even since it was built this building has captured the attention of millions of tourists that came to  get a glimpse from its 86th or 102nd floor observatories. The image of Empire State Building appeared in a lot of magazines or movies. The building has now 73 elevators  and was built in 1931 in  only 1 year and 45 days and was designed by William Frederick Lamb. Due to his project the building would have a classical composition of a 5 story base,a monumental spire  and  a large tower.
  The Empire State Building is situated  south  of the Midtown in Manhattan a little bit away from the others skyscraper that allows you to have a 360 degrees view of the city. The building cost over 40 millions dollars and this was in a economic depression time. A reason for its rapid completion was that the owners wanted the rent from the spaces available as soon as possible,  in that period of time.
  There the tourist are treated with exceptional panoramas areas across the rooftops, avenues from New York Metropola and even see 4 neighbouring  states. So enjoy your time visiting Empire State Building that gives you a unique feeling and an amazing overview.

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New York was and will be the most exciting and alive city in the world.
It is the city that never sleeps so no matter how tired you are, you have to walk around all the street and see the most interesting and wonderful places from New Nork.
So if you plan a visit in this city take a lot of energy with you because you will have a lot of fun here.