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The Club Danzatoria



  The nightclub Danzatoria is renovated in a very attractive and unique mode so that it deserves to be visited while you are in Barcelona. It has a huge terrace and extends on 4 floors, where you can listen to various types of music: upstairs there is techno music and on the ground floor you can listen to hip-hop music. A dress code is required here so you are accepted here only wearing elegant clothes. It is the ideal club for summer time when you can enjoy spending time at the terrace that offers an amazing overview.    

  The club is located on the Mount Tibidabo and it represents a very cute  renovated old mansion. You are welcome here from 11 p.m untill 2:30 in the morning. It is renowned for attracting high class people and glamorous people. Inside you can try the drinks, the food, you can listen to music and admire the gardens that are full of people with style. Every month there are organized brilliant fashion nights, where you can see trendy clients, and according to an original design, everyone is excited.



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