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Baja Beach Club


   Baja Beach Club is located right on the beach in Barcelona. Baja Beach Club is a club and restaurant at the same time, so that you can have dinner after 11 pm and then you can stay for free in the club to dance on the local music that is very various.


   This club is among Barcelona’s hottest night spots. They have a special area where only the VIP’s are allowed, which benefit from an exclusive service. It was the first club that used the “VeriPaySystem”, that means that they implanted a microchip in their body that recognizes their identity, credit card balance and even opens the door automatically when the client enters the club.


The VIP client can buy drinks and food just waving their hand. From the moment they have implanted the microchip they have free access to the VIP area. The club has a unique and unpretentious seaside dancing floor for everybody. In the afternoon it is a great spot for taking a look on the beach and having some fun at the same time.

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