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El Aljibe Restaurant


  In the residential area of Miramar, a few steps away from downtown Havana, the popular restaurant El Aljibe is set. It is located on the 7th Avenue, between 24th and 26th. This open-air restaurant has a rustic, tranquil interior, and offers friendly and fast service in a warm atmosphere. It has a capacity of 30 people. 

  This restaurant is world famous for its special chicken recipe. There are many other meat and seafood options as well however they have the best chicken in Havana, the El Aljibe Chicken, which comes with traditional trimmings, combining roast chicken with French fries and fried plantain, delicious black beans, white rice, salad and, for dessert, national sweets. The secret of this delicious dish is in the sauce, based on naranja agria (bitter orange), a staple in all Cuban kitchens. This dish is marinated with this mixture of orange juice and garlic but the exact combination is a secret as well as the actual cooking process. The chicken is roasted brown on the outside but juicy and soft inside. 
  Address: Calle 7ma. e/ 24 y 26, Miramar. Ciudad de La Habana.
  Opening hours: 12:00 - 00:00.
  Telephone: (53 7) 204-1583 - 204-1584

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El Aljibe Restaurant - House specialty
El Aljibe Restaurant - House specialty