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Total area: 316 km2
Population: 412,966(2010 estimate)
Density: 1,306.8/km2
Currency: Euro (€)
Official language(s): Maltese, English
Capital: Valletta (de facto)
Governement: Parliamentary Republic
Internet TLD: .mt
Calling code: +356


  Located between Sicily and Libya, the Maltese archipelago has a significant history, alike its geographical position. Mystery, tragedy and heroism offer a special charm to its past; the fate of this great country, not once, changed the history of Europe. Malta is a very small country. The main island covers an area of less than a hundredth part of the neighboring island, Sicily.

  The tourism industry in Malta is very important because these sources of income represent 25% of the economy. Main tourist attractions here are: City of Valletta - a complex of palaces and museums, the Palace of the Order of Malta, Fort St. Elmo, St. John Cathedral, Mdina –a 3000 year old city, Comino - Blue Lagoon, Hagar Qim - temple in town of Qrendi, built in 3600 BC, it is the oldest building in the world
  The best time to travel to Malta is from April to June (between rainy seasons and very hot weather). September and October are also pleasant but can be interrupted by the warm and moist breeze "Sirocco". Avoid July and August due to high temperatures. The most crowded period is around Christmas and New Year.

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Malta - Valletta

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Malta - Flag of Malta

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Malta - Map of Malta