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Total area: 301,338 km2
Population: 60,418,711(2010 estimate)
Density: 200.5/km2
Currency: Euro (€)
Official language: Italian
Capital: Rome
Governement: Unitary parliamentary republic
Internet TLD: .it
Calling code: +39


  Italy is a country in southern Europe. It is bordered to the north by France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. To the south, east and west, Italy is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, Ionian Sea, Tirenia Sea, the two islands, Sicily and Sardinia, offering it access to the Mediterranean Sea. The capital and largest city of Italy is Rome.

  Turnover from tourism is very high, concentrating around 8% of the active population of Italy, one of the highest rates in the world. It features over 1.7 million beds in hotels, hostels, etc. (among the first places in the world) and as many in complementary forms of accommodation. If you come to Italy, the must-see places are: the capital (Rome) -the city with the most historical and art monuments in the world, the "city-museums" with artifacts and monuments: fortresses, castles, palaces, villas, bridges, fountains, statues, etc. Other towns worth visiting are: Venice, Florence, Ravenna, Verona, Parma, Genoa, Naples, etc.

  The best time to visit Italy is between Easter holiday and mid-June, when the beaches are not too crowded and the weather is ideal for lying on the beach. The same conditions are found between late August and mid October. 



Churches to visit in Italy: 


St. Peter’s Basilica on The most beautiful churches of Italy

  This magnificent building is the center of Christianity. The opulence of its interior testifies the richness of the Catholic Church in the sixteenth century. Emperor Constantine, the first Christian emperor of Rome, ordered the construction of St. Peter Basilica on the Vatican hill. The location was chosen symbolically, on the spot where St. Peter, one of the apostles, was buried in AD 64. 

Night view Great architecture Interior view Interior view


Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore on The most beautiful churches of Italy

  Designed to be the world's largest cathedral, Santa Maria del Fiore is nowadays surpassed in size by St. Peter in the Vatican, St. Paul's Cathedral in London and Milan. It was designed by Arnolfo di Cambio in 1296, as the Florentines desired to have a place of prayer more beautiful than those of Pisa and Siena, rival cities; it was built on the ruins of an old church, Santa Reparata. 

Florence view Florence view Church view Church view


Siena Cathedral on The most beautiful churches of Italy

  Siena is one of the most beautiful cities in Tuscany. Surrounded by orchards, olive groves and vineyards, the city is going back into Italy's medieval past. According to historical documents discovered by archaeologists, the city was founded by the Romans in 30 AD. One of the most beautiful attractions here is the cathedral, or duomo.     

Siena Cathedral view Siena Cathedral view Interior view

  For more information about churches in Italy, visit s/best/234?titl e=The-most-beau tiful-churches- of-Italy



Cities to visit in Italy: 


Rome in Italy on The most beautiful cities in Italy

  Rome is the largest and most important city of Italy, an economic and cultural center, a city scattered of historical monuments, which has something to offer for all tastes. The Eternal City, City of Seven Hills, La Dolce Vita, all these phrases refer to a single city: Rome - a center of culture, religion and power over three millennia. Visited by millions of tourists every year, Rome's main attractions are the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Vatican and hundreds of other churches. 

Piazza Navona view Flag of Italy Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II Piazza Navona



Venice in Italy on The most beautiful cities in Italy

  For most people, Venice is synonymous with romance. Of course there are detractors, but most people love this city, imagining it as a symbol of love, inspired by stories of love sheltered by the walls of buildings shriveled. But nobody can deny there is something with this place, something that continues to fascinate generations of tourists, lured by fame and the history of the city that floats on water.

Great panorama Grand Channel Beautiful sunset Night view



Florence in Italy on The most beautiful cities in Italy

  Considered the cradle of the Renaissance, Florence must respect the typical Italian architecture and imposing structures. Palazzo Vecchio, Uffizi Gallery Academy of Art and are only three locations that you have to visit if you want to see works by Michelangelo (David was exhibited at the Academy) and other Renaissance masters.  

Florence Dome General view Skyline

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Romantic destinations to visit in Italy:  


Capri Island on The most romantic destinations in Italy

  The first to discover the magic of this island of Italy was Caesar Augustus who, in the year 29 BC, the island of Ischia Naples offered in exchange for small paradise with an area of only 10 square kilometers. Capri has been the residence of Emperor Tiberius, the Renaissance artist refuge, resting place of French kings, and, later, political personalities holiday destination. Today, Capri is one of the most exclusive, but stylish and objectives of world. 

Beautiful landscape Aerial view Panoramic setting



Lake Como on The most romantic destinations in Italy

  Lake Como is the third largest in Italy and one of the deepest in Europe, 400 meters. Lake Como is about 45 minutes away from Milan and is said to represent one of the fundamental steps that every tourist should take. It is not only one of the deepest glacial lakes in Europe, but a place where beautiful mountain lake was fulfilled with man-made beauty: classical villas surrounded by the beautiful gardens.  

Amazing scenery Lake Como view Picturesque setting



Venice in Italy on The most romantic destinations in Italy

  A small town occupied by water, a lone patch of land situated in the northern Italian realm. An archaic world seemed to be wrapped in centuries-old mystery stories. It is said to be the most romantic city in the world.

Grand Canal The city at night Rialto Bridge Grand Canal in Venice

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Wines to taste in Italy: 


Chianti Classico wine on Best wines in Italy

  Chianti Classico wine is produced in Toscana, in a group of 7 municipalities straddling the border between the provinces of Florence and Siena.



Brunello of Montalcino wine on Best wines in Italy

  Brunello of Montalcino wine is produced in Toscana, the whole territory of the commune of Montalcino in the province of Siena. 



Vernaccia of San Gimignano wine on Best wines in Italy

  Vernaccia of San Gimignano wine is produced in Toscana, in the territory of the town of San Gimignano, near Siena.


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 Best cafes in Italy: 



Il Caffe di Sant’Eustachio in Rome on The best cafes in Italy

  Il Caffe di Sant’Eustachio was born in the thirties, located in Rome before the Italian Senate, a step away from Piazza Navona and the Pantheon. The foundation year is 1938. The mosaic flooring and furnishings are still the original ones. The deer symbol of Sant'Eustachio Coffee evokes the appearance and the conversion of the pagan Eustace to Christianity. 

Great menu and staff Entrance



Il Quadri in Venice on The best cafes in Italy

  Choosing Il Quadri means enjoying the charm and elegance of the only restaurant in Piazza San Marco and to discover the rhythms of life in Venice from the tables of the cafe under the arcades thirteenth. The colors, flavors and cosmopolitanism of Venice are captured for centuries in Gran Caffè Ristorante Quadri, a crossroads since the late eighteenth century to today in the destinies of the Venetians and the people who stayed in this extraordinary city.  

Orchestra Exterior view Warm atmosphere



Bar Pasticerria La Zagara in Positano


 This lovely cafe is ideally located on the panoramic cliffs of Positano, with breathtaking views on the Gulf of Salerno. Here, in addition to the assortment of sweet and savory that can always be found, there are run custom cakes for weddings, baptisms, first communions and pastries and deli for banquets and ceremonies.

 View of Positano Entrance




Places to eat in Milan: 



Trussardi alla Scala Restaurant on The best Restaurants in Milan

  Nothing short of sumptuous, the location speaks for itself and the Scala makes it even greater. Chef Andrea Berton guarantees an excellent cuisine and extraordinary dishes. A cellar of over 550 labels. 

Warm and cosy ambience Excellent dishes on the menu



Restaurant Sadler on The best Restaurants in Milan

  Simply spectacular, situated outside the village, the new restaurant of Claudio Sadler offers sensations and menu prestige. The price? It doesn't count when you have dinner in a context of absolute professionalism.

Great menu and prices Warm and welcoming ambience



Restaurant Cracco on The best Restaurants in Milan

  It is one of the most important restaurants of Milan -Carlo Cracco chef and his staff provide excellent service and cuisine judged only with the best adjectives. A sacred place for lovers of good food. 

Seafood Elegance and charm of the interior

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 Hotels to stay at in Milano, Italy: 


Four Seasons Milano on The best 5-star hotels in Milan, Italy

  Four Seasons Hotel is located in downtown Milan, the Via Gesu, the familiar near Montenapoleone and Via Della Spiga, the building of a former monastery dating from the fifteenth century. The hotel has 118 rooms and suites: Deluxe and superior rooms, executive, junior, royal, Visconti, Fashion, Cloister and bi-level suites.  


Restaurant view Interior view Reception



Hotel Principe di Savoia on The best 5-star hotels in Milan, Italy

  Located in the financial center of Milan, in Piazza Della Republica, Principe di Savoia is renowned for elegance and refinement. The hotel is located near the main tourist attractions (Duomo, Palazzo Reale, Scala Theatre) and shopping (Via Della Spiga, Montenapoleone, Borgospesso). The hotel has 269 rooms and 132 suites, each decorated in unique style, distinguishing himself mainly Veneziana styles, Fiorentina and neo-classical.


Royal Suite Royal Suite Living Room Outdoor facilities




Carlton Hotel Baglioni on The best 5-star hotels in Milan, Italy

  Carlton Hotel Baglioni is located in the heart of Milan fashion excusivist. This luxurious hotel adds a touch of elegance to your stay in the most fashionable city in Italy. Located on the famous Via della Spiga, this stylish boutique hotel is an ideal location for a business commitment, with a variety of spacious meeting rooms available. An English-style library with antique furniture is an excellent choice for smaller meetings.


Luxurious interior Suite view Comfort and relaxation

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 The best hotels to stay at in Rome, Italy: 



Hotel Gladiatori Palazzo Manfredi on The best hotels in Rome

  Gladiatori-Palazzo Hotel Manfredi has 17 rooms. But the hotel has all types of rooms, from Family Room to a Suite. Hotel Gladiatori Palazzo Manfredi is a five-star luxury hotel and offers comfort and a wide range of facilities including: Restaurant, Room Service, Bar, 24/24h, Newspapers, Non-Smoking Rooms, Business Centre, Laundry, Office of Small Breakfast Room, totally non-smoking, TV, air conditioning, satellite television. 

Panoramic scenery Interior view Room view



Boscolo Hotel Exedra Roma on The best hotels in Rome

  This luxurious five-star hotel offers 238 well-appointed and refined suites. The hotel enjoys an elevate positioning, being set in one of the most renowned squares of Rome and surrounded by the most popular shopping areas. Besides the latest amenities, the hotel offers three great restaurants. 

Interior view Exterior view Exquisite design



The Westin Excelsior Hotel on The best hotels in Rome

  Westin Excelsior Hotel in Rome has 319 rooms. The hotel offers all types of rooms, from Deluxe Room (Non Smoking) to Grandluxe Suite. Located 12 minutes walk from downtown, this hotel is sitauted in Rome Via Vittorio Veneto 125 Street in the north-east of the city. Ideal if you want to discover the city and surroundings. The Westin Excelsior Rome hotel five stars and classic style offers comfort and a wide range of facilities. 

Stylish and cosy interior Luxury and exuberance Interior view


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