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L'Appartement 217, Louvre, Paris


    Behind a double door opening on the third floor large volumes Haussmann, clad fireplaces, moldings and flooring. As in a real Parisian apartment, you are welcome to lounge in a sleek, light, designed around the principles of layout and color recommended by Feng Shui. All work was supervised by a master of this discipline.

   Powered by a geobiologist and corrected by a very contemporary design decoration, classical architecture is revisited on the principle of five elements: water, wood, metal, air, earth. Diffused light and controlled Agreement colorful vibrant and sophisticated (gray ground, pink and green fees), wood and metal, temperate atmosphere, purified by diffusion cold essential oils, the apartment is a place of calm and refinement where you pick up instantly from the bustle of the city as a stopover for urban ...
   The booths are carefully themed large rooms. For a complete healing, all electric waves are channeled to neutralize the harmful effects (cables and circuits operating machines are sheathed in insulating specific).

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