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Is Morus Relais hotel

   Is Morus Relais is an italian hotel location Santa Margherita
Name Is Morus Relais
Location Pula
Address S.S. 195 al km 37,4
Phone 070921171
Fax 070921596
Distance from main province 6
All year opened
Closed for holiday
Stagional opening X
Number of rooms 85
Number of rooms with bathroom 85
air conditioning in room X
Tv in room
Radio in room
Phone in Room X
Frigo in Room X
Satellite tv in Room X
Fax in Room
Modem plug in Room
air conditioning X
Wish service in room X
Animal accepted:
Animal not accepted: X
Sauna available:
Price Single Room min: 59.4
Price Double Room min: 118.8
Credit Card: American Express, Diner's Club, Visa

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