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Great Barrier Reef

     The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef world. It is situated off Queensland, Australia. It covers 2 600 km from Bundaberg to the tip of Cape York. Covering an area of 350 000 km ², it can be seen from space. By comparison, Germany has an area of 357 000 km ². The Great Barrier Reef has more than 2 000 islands and reefs around 3 000 of all kinds. It can be seen near the coast, but the most spectacular are some 50 km offshore. It is listed as...

Palau Islands

    Located between Guam, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea, Palau is an archipelago with a length of 640km, which houses the world's highest concentration of coral, fish and other marine creatures. Therefore, Palau is one of the most spectacular locations in the world free diving and compressed air, providing the visitors and an excellent infrastructure for diving. Coral reefs shelter more than 1,500 fish and 700 species of coral and sea anemones. The show is complemented b...

Uluru in Australia

   Located in the middle of Australian desert south of town Alice Springs, Ayers Rock monolith of sandstone is the largest in the world with a height of 350 meters. Red Rock is called by aborigiens, original inhabitants of Australia, Uluru - the place that throws shadows....


   Comprised of over 300 volcanic islands, the Fiji archipelago is at the crossroads of South Pacific. Tropical climate, palm-lined beaches and coral reefs, and location on the Pacific routes, Fiji made a top destination for tourists. ...

Sydney Opera

    Project one of the most daring contemporary buildings Danish architect Jorn Utzon belongs. Initially, the Sydney Opera House was valued at seven million Australian dollars. But ultimately cost 102 million and its construction lasted more than five years. Construction is outside the famous avant-garde opera and theater halls, concert halls, restaurants, exhibition halls and a cinema....

Harbour Bridge

   The bridge linking downtown Sydney, called the Central Business District or CBD, the suburbs of north. Considered a symbol of Sydney, with the opera house, Harbour Bridge has a height of 134 meters above the water and a length of 2.4 km....

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