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Most beautiful cities in the USA
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Los Angeles

    After New York, Los Angeles is the second largest city in the U.S.. Los Angeles stretches along the Pacific coast of southern California. Has 122 km of coastal line, from Malibu to Long Beach, while inland lies part of a vast land once arid riverbed, surrounded by Santa Monica and San Gabriel Mountains.      If you arrive here by plane, you have a very pleasant first impression of the city. From the vast expanse of streets and buildings ...

Las Vegas

     Few towns conjure up images of excess such as Las Vegas. Located in the middle of the arid Mojave Desert, in the southern tip of Nevada, Las Vegas is an oasis of life, energy and money - a city where the only purpose in life is having fun.    Over 35 million people visit Las Vegas every year, being accommodated in the 150,000 hotel rooms in the town. According to the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, the city registered the fastest growth in No...

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