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The Clinic in Singapore

    Located in Singapore, The Cannery, Clarke Quay, Clinic Night Club is the most appreciated and fancy club in Singapore. The club has been specially created for those who wanted a revival of term party and the concept was a truly innovative.       Clinic Night Club covers an area large enough and gives a sense of adventure through all that maze structure is implemented. The decor is similar to a medical clinic, said architect Dam...

The Cave (Guacara Taina) in Dominican Republic

    The Cave is one of the oldest places in the world, that if you consider that the cave in which people dance until morning now formed in a million years ago.        It starts with a street surface, which slowly, slowly, down to a cave with a huge dance floor, surrounded by a view that's not how you look than agape. The cave has a depth of about two meters and can accommodate about 3,000 people. Has three dance floors, and a...

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