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Il Caffe di Sant’Eustachio in Rome

   Il Caffe di Sant’Eustachio was born in the thirties, located in Rome before the Italian Senate, a step away from Piazza Navona and the Pantheon.      The foundation year is 1938. The mosaic flooring and furnishings are still the original ones. The deer symbol Sant'Eustachio Coffee evokes the appearance and the conversion of the pagan Eustace to Christianity. In the square, in fact, established over a thousand years, the basilica...

Il Quadri in Venice

   Choosing Il Quadri means enjoy the charm and elegance of the only restaurant in Piazza San Marco and to discover the rhythms of life in Venice from the tables of the cafe under the arcades thirteenth. The colors, flavors and cosmopolitanism of Venice are captured for centuries in Gran Caffè Ristorante Quadri, a crossroads since the late eighteenth century to today the destinies of the Venetians and the people who stayed at this extraordinary city.   ...

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