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Best pizzerias in Naples, Italy
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Pizzeria Da Michele

   This is probably the most famous pizzeria in Naples and, since Naples is the birthplace of pizza, you could argue it is the best pizzeria in the world. The restaurant features a rustic and welcoming atmosphere and design.     There are served only two kinds of pizza, which are the pizza margherita and pizza marinara, using only fresh ingredients. No reservations are allowed, that is you have to wait in the queue, however the delicious pizza is worth w...

Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente

   The pizza was created after that, Ernesto Cacialli, pizza maker by profession and a true Neapolitan, called the papers "star in the firmament of Neapolitan cuisine, the days of the G7 1994" pulled "the armored Clinton in his pizzeria in the middle of a walk . It 'was the passion to push Cacialli to overcome the barrier of bodyguards who surrounded the former prime minister to America to try a slice of Naples.     But the history of thi...


The pizzeria Brandi according to some travel guides would be a must for tourists.     In 1780 was founded the pizzeria "Pietro ... and that's enough" in St Ascent Anna Palace, near the Royal Palace. The name comes from one of the first owners, Peter. Colicchio, known by the nickname "Peter the pizzaiuolo. Peter Colicchio, having no brothers or sons, Henry sold the pizzeria Brandi, who passed his hand to his daughter Mary Jane Brandi, future wife of R...

Di Matteo

  The pizzeria is located on Via Di Tribunali 94, in the city center. Needless to say, the pizza is nothing short of excellent. The menu is varied, ranging from the classic margherita and marinara pizzas with all kinds of seasoning. But not all: the size is extra large! For the price of a pizza "normal" will be served a pizza giant, protruding several inches from the plate. If you are a delicate stomach, but you can always ask for a miniature (which will be instead of...

Pizzeria Trianon da Ciro

   The history of Naples and all its monuments, churches, palaces, squares and streets. Just between these ancient buildings and narrow streets, lies a monument of pizzerias in Naples and Italy: in the Trianon Via Pietro Colletta.      Founded in 1923 by Mr and Mrs Leo, a pizzeria named after the theater long ago was the place where you can watch the best Neapolitan and Italian artists. This Pizzeria Toto Macario, Nino Taranto and other come...

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