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Most unique lakes in the world
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Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park is the biggest tourist attraction in Croatia, the reserve belonging to the UNESCO World Heritage   Park is a karst system consisting of 16 lakes, which have the common denominator Plitvice river. They are divided into two parts, depending on their geographical location. Thus became known as the upper lakes and lakes below.   Of these, stands Kozjak lake, which is the most stretched, and while being navigable....

Pitch Lake in Trinidad

   Located on the island of Trinidad, this quaint lake contains asphalt that is sold to locals for over 100 years without the lake to drop. Pitch is one among the most impressive natural phenomena.      On a surface of about 47 hectares lies a huge "bucket" which has a depth of 80 m and that there are some 10 million tons of natural resin. This lake is strange about the existence of volcanoes in this area that pushes the earth's su...

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