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The best Team Building activities for an incentive travel


If you leave for an incentive trip with colleagues or partners, you must get ready to face meetings, presentations, visits to production sites and so on. But there can also be time for getting to know each other better and have fun all together. Besides just shopping and going out for dinner, there can be many fun and dynamic team building activities that will let you discover the place in a creative way.

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Scavenger hunt

One of the best team building activities for an incentive trip: scavenger hunt ...

Wine Games

An exciting discovery of Italian tradition: Wine Games team buildngWine Games is another way to discover Italy or another wine producting country in fun and dynamic wine team building activities. The charming universe of wine has a lot of secrets to discover. Places of wine production, varieties of grapes, procedures... in Wine Games your knowledges will be put to the test! Where to play? This activity suits perfectly for an incentive trip to Italy, but also to other countries. Of course, speaking of wine, we think a...

Team Cooking

Discover local food during incentive trip with team cooking ...

Dinner with Murder

A thrilling adventure during a corporate dinner: Dinner with MurderDuring a corporate incentive trip the program can be very strict. Among meetings, conventions and cultural visits, remains very little free time for team building and communication. But, of course, each day there is a dinner all together! Why not to try organizing a group activity... during the dinner? We can do a lot of different activities, and each of them is really fun: super quiz, crosswords, wine games....

Movie Making

Creative team building for your incentive trip: movie making ...

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