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About Top 10 places to visit for introverted people

All people like to travel either you are an extrovert or an introvert, but usually an introvert prefers solitary activities, likes to dedicate more to thinking than to talking or socializing with others. Sooner or later  there comes a time when he or she  wants to enjoy solitude: to plunge into the endless thoughts, listening to the silence and dreams, remember the pleasant moments of the past or plan for the future.

So, where would you like to be at this moment? It is said that in the East or West, home is best, but we will show you the places that are perfect to escape from the everyday life and to fully enjoy the scenery around you.

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Alberta, Canada

One of the most interesting places for tourism in Canada is considered to be the western Alberta. It was named in the honor of Queen Victoria's daughter Louise Caroline Alberta. Tourists here can expanse: the wild forests, clean rivers and rugged mountains. Rabbits and ducks, squirrels and mice are carefully protected by the state. Here you can feel so safe that you are not afraid t...

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