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The underground transport in many cities involves dirty places with low ceilings, pools, strange sights so that the individual wants to avoid. Such stations are not a destination. But in some parts of the world, they are surprisingly important works of art , great caverns with art, with beautiful architectural artifacts. Some stations are like museums, others are like in a science fiction film and others like ballrooms.

Public stations attract respect and admiration of commuters, tourists and even art critics. Many of the magnificent Soviet undergrounds, for example, were designed as "Palaces for the People", making investments they reach the royal opulence. Architects have used so much alabaster, onyx, marble and mosaic, that if you do not see the train occasionally, you think you've arrived in the Kremlin Palace itself. Here you can see some of the most interesting subway stations in the world.

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Moyua Station, Bilbao, Spain

These glass structures that pay tribute to Parisian subways became known as Fosteritos: during daytime they are fountains of light, and at night become guiding light signals for people to travel home. In Metro Bilbao (Spain) 33% of the train braking energy is converted into electricity. Foster + Partners is one of the few contemporary architecture firms that made large public underground spaces. The Metro Bilbao scale was conducted in two stages, between 1...

Mall of the Emirates Metro Station, Dubai

Visit Ski Dubai, one of the largest indoor ski slopes ! Situated in the Emirates Mall, opened in November 2005, a year after the United Arabian Emirates registered the first natural snowfall in its history. In a city where the maximum temperature in August reaches up 37 degrees C, a s torrid subway platform is the last place you want to be ... this only if it is not underground in Dubai, designed by international company Aedas architecture. Air conditioning an...

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