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The underground transport in many cities involves dirty places with low ceilings, pools, strange sights so that the individual wants to avoid. Such stations are not a destination. But in some parts of the world, they are surprisingly important works of art , great caverns with art, with beautiful architectural artifacts. Some stations are like museums, others are like in a science fiction film and others like ballrooms.

Public stations attract respect and admiration of commuters, tourists and even art critics. Many of the magnificent Soviet undergrounds, for example, were designed as "Palaces for the People", making investments they reach the royal opulence. Architects have used so much alabaster, onyx, marble and mosaic, that if you do not see the train occasionally, you think you've arrived in the Kremlin Palace itself. Here you can see some of the most interesting subway stations in the world.

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Karlsplatz Station, Vienna, Austria

The station operates as a museum of architectural works, with plans and details of the old station. In 1898, in Vienna took birth new ideas of geniuses such as Gustav Klimt, Sigmund Freud and Otto Wagner. The Viennese Secession and the "young style" by Wagner, presented in plants, steel and marble was in vogue. The Court of Hietzing was made to serve as a personal subway line of the royal family, with appropriate design (today, is a popular destina...

Kiev Station, Moscow, Russia

The rough mosaics depict images of abundant harvests and the Russian-Ukrainian Union, despite the fact that in 1932 the Holodomor (Stalin's starvation policy) killed 10 million Ukrainians. The marble pillars and the mosaics from the Kiev station rooms have a huge opulence. The station was built in 1954 at the height of what Dr. Peter Haiko, the University of Vienna called "baroque Stalinist" style....

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