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The underground transport in many cities involves dirty places with low ceilings, pools, strange sights so that the individual wants to avoid. Such stations are not a destination. But in some parts of the world, they are surprisingly important works of art , great caverns with art, with beautiful architectural artifacts. Some stations are like museums, others are like in a science fiction film and others like ballrooms.

Public stations attract respect and admiration of commuters, tourists and even art critics. Many of the magnificent Soviet undergrounds, for example, were designed as "Palaces for the People", making investments they reach the royal opulence. Architects have used so much alabaster, onyx, marble and mosaic, that if you do not see the train occasionally, you think you've arrived in the Kremlin Palace itself. Here you can see some of the most interesting subway stations in the world.

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Center Metro Station , Washington DC

When a train approaches, the lights on the platform stick strong to announce its upcoming arrival. Washington Metro is a rarity among utilities of America, according to Zachary M. Schrag, professor of history at George Mason University . "Kennedy was president during its design," says Schrag "and was convinced that architecture is the dignity of the federal government, not the cheapest solution possible.". The result, designed by architects ...

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