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About The Most Attractive Islands to Visit in 2012

People usually like to rest in places that are very different from those they live and work. Forget about work as it is the easiest way to be looking for rest in one of the best places of the world and find yourself among the exotic nature, but preferably in a comfortable environment. That is why tourists are most attracted by different islands. Having interrogated a lot of tourists and carefully comparing the beauty of the nature as well as accommodation, travel, the experts ranked the most attractive tourist islands. It was found that, although the leader remained the same in the top, the rest still have changed dramatically. Choose one of the islands you like more as one of your favorite tourist destination. Be willing to find out more information about it. Good luck.

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The Indonesian "Island of the Gods", Bali holds the leading place in the ranking for the third year. The island is situated at the eastern tip of Java. Direct flight to Denpasar -the "capital" of Bali is not, and therefore you will have to fly via Singapore. The total duration is about 13 hours. But it's worth it. The white sandy beaches, the coral shoals, the tropical vegetation, the rice terraces, the gabled ro...

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